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Shipping Within The United States

Shipping a puppy within the continental USA is provided by one of our fully insured licensed ground shippers at the buyer’s expense. The puppy is picked up at our location in Conroe TX and delivered to your home. The puppy is fed, watered, and walked every 2 hours. The pup is always with the transporter (s) 24/7 the entire trip. The transporter is in constant contact with you throughout the trip to your home. We do not believe in flying the puppy in cargo. This is very traumatizing to the puppy and has an everlasting effect on your new puppy. The safe arrival of your new puppy is our # 1 PRIORITY AND CONCERN! We (the breeders) oversee the entire safe transport of your new puppy. If you have any questions or concerns about the shipping process, please let us know.

International Shipping

All international puppy shipping is handled by a professional shipper who is licensed for international paperwork, customs, and flight needs. Any questions or concerns please let us know.

Questions | Concerns

If you have questions or concerns with regard to our shipping policies, please feel free to contact us @ 1-936-628-4114, or email us.

Thank you: Karen & Kristen