Jade's Pedigree

Jade our newest blue female, comes from championship lines on both sides all the way back. She is 100% polish import. she weighs over 100 lbs at 10 months old. Her features are impressive! She is show Quality and will pass this on to her future litters. She is from blue to black breeding all the way back. She is the sister of Cinder our other show quality black female. She will be bred in 2018. Looking for great things to come from Jades litters! Take a look at her sister Cinder. They are from the same litter.

Jade’s Litter Box

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Gage | The Sire


Jade | The Dam

More GREAT NEWS!!! Gage has been bred with Jade, our beautiful 100% European Blue dam. She is expecting the middle of September 2020 and the puppies will be ready to go home in November. This will be an all Blue 100% European litter. These puppies are often sold before they are born, so placing a deposit is your best bet to ensure a spot on the waiting list.


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