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Very helpful

I had a question about a puppy from a litter of Great Danes and they were very quick to help and get a response back to me, though I am not (YET) a part of the PKY Dane family! Thank you very much for the help!

Layla Wilson
July 20, 2021

Very Healthy Danes

**Update**. We have a Dane from PKY. He is a year and 4 months now. I wanted add to my 1st amazing review, that out of the year and 4 months we have only taken our Dane to the vet for his necessary schedules well check-ups. We have had zero, 0, notta, none, no, not-a-one health problem with our gorgeous healthy Dane!!! If you want quality, go to PKY!

Megan Hebert
June 20, 2020

An amazing experience …

“We are so in ❤️ with our newest member of the family, Luna 🐶!! We were excited to find PKY Danes just up the road from us and it has been a fantastic experience from day 1. We had lots of questions since this is our first Great Dane and they were always willing to answer any texts or emails and give us all their tips and tricks they have used. They even gave us an extensive Puppy pack that we have been using everyday with beautiful Luna, including our new favorite light up collar!! 😁 Thank you Phil & Karen for our “little” love Luna and an amazing experience working with you!”

Sheri and Brandon
May 22, 2020

Very Satisfied Customer

We are so happy with PKY Danes and how the process of buying our sweet dog went. Phil and Karen from the start took the time and effort to talk to us and help us make an informed choice on getting our first Great Dane. They were very patient and understanding with our questions and concerns (concerns stemming from the current Covid crisis) and put our minds at ease. Our baby girl is very sweet and cuddly and I know she will make a wonderful addition to our family. I highly recommend this breeder. You won’t go wrong.

Ray Gutierrez
May 16, 2020


I have to say PKY Danes is the place to go if you would like to add a Great Dane as your newest family member. Not only are they highly professional. Phill and Karen are two of the most compassionate people I’ve ever meet. When we were waiting for our baby to be ready to come home we got constant picture updates and verbal communication of how he was doing. When we picked him up not a question that we had for them went unanswered. A few days after bringing our Great Dane home he managed to eat something he shouldn’t have and Phill and Karen where there to help us through that situation until we got it resolved. They truly care about the puppies and will be there every step of the way!
They put their all in to raising high quality top of the line Great Danes. We welcomed home our baby Ace on 4/9/2020 and we could not be more happy with our experience.

May 13, 2020

Once you talk to them, you’ll understand!

We picked up our Great Dane Zeke Sunday from Phil and Karen! I did a lot of research before I decided to send them an email (which they asked to call me the same day! I was shocked)! Well in said email it took everything in me to not fully break down because I had to tell them of our lose from the past year. Our oldest french bulldog developed a tumor and had to be put down. We had a Great Dane “Zia” and she was devastated from the lose just as I was! The vet suggested getting her another companion (which we did) and it worked! Ezra came from a lady in Canton tx that was suppose to have dogs that were of quality (lack of cussing or other terms I’d prefer). He pasted in our vets care at 11 months and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Well the same thing happened with Zia again and I dreaded the process again! Ever since that first phone call with them I’ve had everything put to ease and couldn’t imagine going through anyone else!! Any questions, worries, concerns, etc just contact them and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!! I’m definitely glad I did!! Zeke is the sweetest, playful, and smart as a whip!! 🤍🤍
**Also as a unexpected surprise! We were given a bag full of goodies that even had pictures of the parents on a couple of items!!

Ashley Dickson
May 13, 2020

No Need to Look Any Further than PKY!

Great Dane Puppy

After our adopted adult Great Dane, Eva, sadly passed away my wife and I eventually began the bitter-sweet search for another furry family member. We were in no hurry so we took our time comparing the Great Dane breeders, primarily in the Houston area. We visited a few breeders and didn’t particularly like the conditions of their kennels, but thought perhaps they are all like this. We also spoke on the phone with numerous others. PKY Danes stood out among the rest and seemed the most professional and knowledgeable, but we thought they were asking for way too much money compared to the other breeders. We eventually settled on another local breeder whose prices were more in line with what we thought was reasonable and who happened to have an available litter of “blues”. Have you ever heard of the expression, “you get what you pay for”? That expression was seldom more apt than in my experience with this unscrupulous and deceitful breeder. Without getting into details, I ended up suing this grafter and her business after she quit responding to my e-mails and avoided my phone calls. In the end, we went back to PKY Danes, and after finally visiting their property first hand and speaking more in depth with Phil and Karen, we realized that the differences between their business compared to the others was just on a whole different level. In fact, it’s not even close. This is apparent in both the professional and sanitary conditions in which their Danes are kept in addition to the sheer physical beauty and majestic appearance of their animals. I had no idea how much of a difference blood-line meant and PKY’s is by far superior in my opinion. There are Great Danes, and then there are GREAT Great Danes. PKY’s are the latter. We ended up “adopting” a beautiful “blue” girl and named her Penelope. We couldn’t be more pleased – not just with our new family member, but the continuous and outstanding customer service from Phil and Karen. Like I said, you get what you pay for. If this is the breed you want, do yourself a favor and look no more.

Michael Hanten
May 3, 2020

A Member of the PKY Danes Family!


Looking for a beautiful, smart and loving addition to your family? Look no further. We purchased Aurora from Phil and Karen and picked her up in November of 2019. Like others have commented – I felt a little skeptical and honestly nervous about putting down a non-refundable deposit on a dog that I had only researched online. Very quickly the communication began and we quickly knew that PKY Danes was going to be a great fit. When the day finally arrived to pick up our baby girl – we were immediately welcomed into the PKY Danes family and made to feel at home. Karen is so professional and organized and Phil is just another member of your family. They do everything they can to make sure that their babies are healthy and well prepared to go to their new homes. They take the time to educate new owners by not only answering questions while you are at pickup but they continue to answer questions and check in on Miss Aurora now 5 months later. Aurora is so cute, full of personality, extremely smart, loyal and growing right on schedule. Thank you Phil and Karen for allowing us to become a member of the PKY Danes family.

Custom Creations by Shawna (Google Reviews)
February 19, 2020

Liesel loves♥️her first snow

Phil and Karen have been so pleasant and easy to work with. They are very knowledgeable and have been incredibly helpful to us. Our blue puppy Liesel is almost 4 months old in the photo. She is gorgeous, healthy, and enjoying her first snow. Thanks again PKY

Bill and Meredith Antry
January 11, 2020


STUDIES HAVE PROVEN THAT ADDING A PKY DANE TO YOUR LIFE IMPROVES HEALTH AND INCREASES LONGEVITY!!!!! Over the last decade numerous studies have proven that including heavy belly laughs on a daily basis shows to have a positive cellular effect on health. With that knowledge in tow, it is reasonable to deduce that adding a PKY Dane into your family will provide a major credit balance to your belly laugh account!!! Ha!!!!!!
Tallulah Blue (now known as Lulu, and for a reason! ) entered our lives 5 weeks ago tonight, and it most definitely has been non-stop belly laughs since! This little girl most definitely could be the poster child for 2 popular slogans, “No Fear” and “Pure Joy”. From the moment her (huge) paws stepped through our doorway, nothing has been the same! We are blessed in that both my husband and I are retired, at least from having to go to 9 to 5 jobs, and so have been able to spend 24/7 with this little ball of energy. Due to the fact that we live in West Texas and our lives revolve around caring for a family ranch, it wasn’t possible for me to make a trip to Conroe and select “my puppy”. I relied totally on Phil and Karen’s recommendation and in no way have regretted it. We do wildlife rehabilitation and as a result at all times you never know what various species may be included in our world. At the time of choosing the puppy we would take, Phil said he had picked one that he thought would fit into our crazy world the best. He couldn’t have chosen a better personality! Yeah…she’s a bit of a handful…Ha!…but in no way is she a shrinking violet, and any personality less sure of herself probably wouldn’t make it out here. I’m starting to take her on short walks with our two other dogs, and yesterday she came nose to nose with numerous species, some domesticated, some not… Amazingly, the horses were what absolutely dumbfounded her!!! She stood looking up at them and had the expression of “What the heck?????”, standing her ground and not “really” afraid, but you could tell she was awfully glad Mama and the other dogs were there with her. Ha!
We haven’t finished puppy shots so the only true outings have been to the vet. I will just warn anyone interested in one of these puppies…be prepared to stop traffic wherever you go. Everytime we’ve gone to the vet, the lobby has been packed with all types of breeds and sizes of dogs. Every head turns to Lulu, and we get continual questions, “What breed is that puppy?”, “IS THAT A PUPPY???”, “What a gorgeous color!!!” , and on and on it goes. And she absolutely eats it up! So far she hasn’t met a stranger…
I truly could go on and on about this puppy. I’ve raised numerous Danes and Mastiffs over the past 30 years and this little(actually BIG!) girl tops the list on intelligence. Yesterday I bought a strand of sleigh bells and hung them on the door to the backyard. She already has figured out how to jingle them when she wants to go outside. It’ll still take a while for that to become solid, but nonetheless it’s pretty amazing she has already figured out the correlation between wanting to go outside and jingling the bells.
I will end this review with a comment regarding the quality of interest and care Phil and Karen have shown. Not only have they been available via phone or text but when Lulu arrived she came with a big box also! Inside that box was a gift bag absolutely filled with not only her dog food but an incredible assortment of toys, leashes, toenail clippers, shampoo, etc, etc!!! It truly was like Christmas came early!!! And I’m still enjoying and using all the wonderful and thoughtful gifts that were sent along with her. It truly was an added touch that made me realize just how much these breeders care not only about the quality of dogs they are breeding but also about building a friendship with the people who purchase their puppies.
So in a nutshell, if I had to say just what I felt about doing business with Phil and Karen Young, it would be a resounding 5 STAR approval rating!!! This puppy has filled our lives with such incredible joy and I feel that through buying a puppy from Phil and Karen I not only found a beautiful little girl that has totally stolen my heart, but I also have found two new friends that completely share a passion with me. I can say without reservation that when the times comes to consider finding another puppy, I know 100% whom I’ll contact!!!

Lisa Whittenburg
December 15, 2019

Thank you, PKY Danes!!

We are so glad that we chose PKY Danes to help us find another fur baby for our family. Phil & Karen worked with us every step of the way; from the moment we picked our puppy up; until the very moment we finalized everything with AKC. Hooch is puppy #4 from Gage and Jade, a European Blue Great Dane. Everything was explained in great detail the night we purchased Hooch and we really enjoyed the extensive puppy pack that came home with her! She’s happy, healthy, and well brought up. She gets along well with our 3 children and our 1 year old male Rottweiler. So that makes me happy!! Phil & Karen are not only reputable breeders but are very concerned that their puppies find the right home. We brought Hooch home when she was 8 weeks old and still to this day receive several text messages checking on her progress. (She is now 12.5 weeks old). That to me says a great deal and shows just how compassionate they are about what they do. We as a family will never go anywhere for another Great Dane puppy. We are very pleased with their service and expertise. I highly recommend PKY Danes to anyone who is considering a Great Dane puppy in the future!

Sadie Snelson
December 13, 2019

So glad I went to PKY Danes!


PKY is such a great place to get the next member of your family and I am upset it has taken me so long to write a review! I got Otis about 4 months ago and he has given me so much joy. Before even picking up Otis I knew they cared a great deal about his health and wellbeing. When I went to get Otis they were very informative and helpful about how to give him the best care once I got him home. Otis is now about 6 months and is a very healthy, happy, and smart boy. I was nervous about getting a dog from a breeder, much less a breeder I found online. However, I am so glad I went to PKY Danes.

Cara Cancelmo
October 2, 2019


Hey friends! This is Julia Henderson, I bought one of your pups 3 (almost 4) years ago in November! Her name is Harley now (I think she was the pick of the litter?) I got her with my now ex Britton so paperwork may be under his name but I took the dog 🙂
I wanted to reach out and say hello and thank you! Harley has been the BEST dog. She’s a service dog AND is a little brand ambassador at our events for Nulo Pet Food where I work! She even has her own Instagram @harleehorse. Everyone in the office loves her, she’s the absolute most favorite, and she goes to work with me every day in our office in Austin TX! She has the best life and takes good care of me too💜🐶
I attached some photos of Harley so you can see how she’s grown. She’s 150 lbs now and has been for the past couple of years! She’s an amazing dog and very healthy! I will no doubt be getting another Dane from y’all sometime in the future. I’d love to be on a mailing list or just keep in touch to know when your pups may be having another litter 🙂 cheers!
-Julia Henderson

Julia Henderson
July 25, 2019

If I Could Give 10 Stars I Would!

If I could give pkydanes 10 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I would!!! They have been Amazing since the very 1st phone call! It was a very easy process. Phil and Karen ALWAYS answer the phone. They are happy to share information and advice at anytime day or night. We shopped for Danes for a few years and decided to go with PKY and we are so happy we did! It’s is not just getting a dog it is an investment into our family!! They have the BEST dogs hands down! We are so proud to be part of the PKY family!!

Megan Hebert
June 25, 2019

Freaking amazing 10 stars

Yessss we got two kids:) from Phil and Karen after getting the first one. My experience with them was and still is truly surreal. They are people that have a strong word and they are true to the word. Their attention to detail and their support even after the buy is unparalleled. They cover everything need it and more. I had a minor situation with one of the dogs after a stupid reg vet misdiagnosis that wasn’t their fault and they still covered every expense at the specialist vet. Everything. They told me they will get it and they sure did( this time with a specialist ). My autistic kid really getting more alert after being around the kids.. I mean dogs:). Her confidence level is way high and her vocabulary have improved tremendously. I really can’t ask for a better situation. If you looking for a dog to be part of your family not only a Dane, this is the place. Period. Hands down.

Tony falu
June 8, 2019

Bucket list / Amazing

….I was looking for a dog( family member in my family)for my autistic daughter for a while. Looking for breeds for a long time, as we already have another dog. After extensive research, I decided it on a Great Dane. That’s when I read about PKY Danes. I texted Karen/Phil immediately. I made an offer without knowing all the details about the process, hardwork, knowledge, purity, years of experience and their complete love for the Great Danes. After selling their last puppy in that litter at that moment. I called them back and drove up the very next day( recognizing my big mistake).I thought it was going to be a quick give me the dog / here’s the money quick exchange. Nope.. When we got there I was amazed about how welcoming, professional and organized they were. They talked to us( getting to know us) for 3 1/2 hours straight. Brought out 4 different style of Great Danes so we can interact with them and see. All the time looking at you straight in the eyes while they Answered every question we had. I loved the quality of their dogs. But me seeing how they take care of their dogs, how honest they where, convinced me that this is place. So immediately I put a deposit for a puppy in their next litter gladly. 👍 P.S Something tells me I’m getting a second one in the future. I already called today asking Karen about it:)

Antonio Falu
February 26, 2019

We had such a wonderful

We had such a wonderful experience with pkydanes! Phil and Karen are kind and informative. Their puppies are high quality, very beautiful with excellent temperament. We thank you so much for our new family member, Lucien! ❤

Jasmine Reed
January 27, 2019

Our loving Great Dane

Came across PKY Danes in our search for a puppy. It was a very easy process. Phill and Karen were nice and easy to work with. Our Dane is very sweet and loving. Phill and Karen worked on house and crate training,so with in two weeks after getting our pup he is fully house and crate trained. We highly recommend PKY Danes.

Michael & Sandy Hodge
December 21, 2018


When we had to put our 10 year old Dane Pancho down ealier this year we did not know if we would ever add another addition to our family. After visiting Karen and Phil and seeing that the are great owners by how they put their family members(Danes) ahead of themselves. We decided to adopted a 5 year old harlequin dam (Cheyanne) and a 8 week old female blue puppy (Denali). Both Cheyanne and Denali are great additions to our family. Cheyanne acts as if she has been part of our family since she was a pup and this is proof of the top quality of Danes Karen and Phil raise. Cheyanne is as gentle as she is large (she weights 150lbs) and has taken a motherly role with the raising of Denali. Karen and Phil are great to work with as they are honest and forthcoming in all communications. When we decide to add a third Dane to our family we will be come back to Karen and Phil. My hats off to you both!!!

Oscar J Vasquez
December 6, 2018

George is awesome

We recently added a new member to our family. He is George, our new blue from PKY danes. We have been more than pleased. He is very mellow and easy to train. He has integrated very well, and it would be hard to imagine life without him. Phil and Karen thanks again.

James Rasmussen
November 21, 2018

Best Great Dane puppy ever!

It was important for our family to get a puppy that was loved from the beginning because we have 5 children and they have a lot of friends that visit. We know that love makes the biggest difference in a puppy’s temperament. Phil and Karen love their Danes like babies. They keep the pregnant and nursing moms and pups very warm and feed the pregnant and nursing mama Danes chicken and they are all very loved. Their Danes are social and great around people and children. When we met 200lb Mason (the daddy of our pup), he didn’t even step on our 3 year old’s toes. They are gentle giants. They have a brand new 24 Dane indoor/outdoor kennel that is climate controlled. They also get daily play time in their fenced in land. They let the “new adoptive families” be the first humans that meet their baby Dane besides them who love and care for them. We were able to meet our baby Chino as soon as he got his shots and then we were able to come back and get him at 8weeks. He is the most beautiful boy we have ever seen. It is very obvious that he was loved well and taken care of. He is very sweet and very intelligent. He learned to walk on a leash and sit in 2 days. He has also been very easy to potty train. He is part of our family and very loved. I recommend PKYDANES to anyone that wants a Dane that is loved and beautiful too.

Monica Warren
November 15, 2018

Great Job Raising These Gentle Giants!

Phil and Karen made us feel among friends. Mason and Jade gave an amazing account of love. Not once did fear cross our mind. So much love surrounded us. Great job raising these gentle giants!

VEE MORIN said on Oct 8, 2018 10:03 PM
November 14, 2018

Make Their Danes Part of Your Family!

I cannot say enough about Phil and Karen, the attention to detail and answering every question I had. I am fortunate enough to have two of their European blue eyed blue Danes, litter mates… beautiful girls who are very intelligent, loving, full of personality and always glad to see me. Don’t miss the opportunity to make their Danes part of your family!

TRISH AUTREY said on Oct 8, 2018 10:01 PM
November 14, 2018

We’ve Had THE Best Experience With These Breeders!!

We’ve had THE best experience with these breeders!! We have a two year old Dane that we had gotten from another breeder that has had some joint problems and Phil and Karen suggested we get her on the supplements they’ve been using for years and it has made the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE!! They really do know what they are talking about! Our newest addition, Ivy is absolutely stunning and we know she will not have the same issues because having amazing, caring breeders really is the biggest difference! They are absolutely amazing and care so much about the Danes!! We plan on using them again when we are ready for another puppy!

Alyssa Huff said on Aug 27, 2018 10:37 AM
November 14, 2018

PKYDanes Is First Class!

Phil and Karen, Thank you so much!!! The whole process when dealing with PKYDanes is first class. They put so much time and love into these gentle giants that you can see it’s much more then a business for them, it’s their passion. If you are looking for a Great Dane, this is the place!!!

Joe Dykhoff said on Aug 26, 2018 2:45 AM
November 14, 2018

PKY Went Out of Their Way!

If you are considering getting a Great Dane I would highly recommend PKY. Phil and Karen have years of experience and breed top quality Danes. Our big boy Drake is our first Great Dane and he is perfect! Gorgeous solid blue coat and his personality makes you fall in love with him right away. PKY went out of their way to make my dream come true of getting a puppy for my fiance. All I can say is thanks Phil and Karen! If you have Instagram and want to see how pretty our sweet blue boy is, follow @_drake_the_diamond_dane

WESLEY PATEK said on Aug 12, 2018 6:53 PM
November 14, 2018

Highly Recommended!

We have had our Charlotte with us for the past month. Not only is she beautiful (which she very much is), but she is sweet and smart. She truly has the best disposition and we couldn’t be happier. I have reached out to Phil and Karen on many occasions in the short time we have had Charlotte and they are always responsive with information to educate us on what is best for Charlotte. We are so pleased with our decision for them as our breeder

Aliya said on Aug 4, 2018 1:36 AM
November 14, 2018

Look No Further Than PKY Danes!

If you are looking for a Great Dane puppy, look no farther than PKY Danes. Not only do they have some of the most beautiful puppies you will ever see, they are just fantastic breeders. They go out of their way to make sure that their puppies go to good loving homes. We have always had large breed dogs (3 Bullmastiffs and 1 English Mastiff) and loved them with all of our hearts, but when we lost our last big guy, we thought maybe it was time for a change so we began to research the Great Danes and thank God we found Phil and Karen. They helped us understand the breed and everything we needed to know before we ever even made a decision. Their dogs are just amazing. We were blessed enough to get the chance at a Merle-Mantle male and he is absolutely the cutest and most beautiful puppy ever with the best personality. He is so loving and laid back. Only had this big boy for 4 days and he already goes to the door when he needs to go out and do his business. Phil and Karen are not your typical breeders, they go above and beyond to make sure you know everything you need to know and equip you with everything you will need when you pick up your puppy. I can’t thank the two of them enough for everything they did for us and our puppy as well as what they do for all of their dogs. What a great experience!!!!

Steve Bates said on Jun 20, 2018 4:31 PM
November 14, 2018

More Than We Ever Experienced

We have been blessed with many breeds over 38 years and always in multiples. Mastiffs, Dalmatians and Doxies, and more. After loosing the last, our 13 year old dachshund we decided to try a different breed. Great Danes! After contacting Phil, meeting Karen and the puppies we couldn’t resist– we walked away with 2 females. Really we purchased them from the web site. In todays time, this takes faith but we can attest that this process and the integrity shown by Phil & Karen works and is valid. Honestly, I believe they were checking us out as much as we were a bit timid about the ‘big purchase’ of our priceless fur babies. Oh my, never could we express our joy with these puppies. Phil & Karen gave us confidence in the initial preparation and continue to do so with follow-ups. They really want the right puppy with the right owner. They want the new owner to understand what ownership of this breed really means. Regardless, of past canine ownerships. This is more than we ever experienced or expected. We enjoy getting a surprise text asking, “How’s it going?” This enables us to share our hearts and pictures. These Great Danes are the easiest pups I have ever trained. They respond, listen when spoken to and yes sometimes ‘talk’ back as if adding to the conversation. They have wrapped around our hearts at only 5 months of age. Yes, I could say more all very positive but I just happen to carry our ‘fur babies’ pictures right next to my grandchildren and would gladly show you either. Thanks for reading!

Susan & Jonathan Threadgill | May 29, 2018 8:42 PM
June 13, 2018


If you’re looking for a GREAT Great Dane, then I would definitely recommended these breeders. They provided so much information about each dane and also learned a lot more about Danes from the breeders. Phil and Karen were beyond and above with everything! Definitely people you can trust with wanting a Great Dane. I was very pleased with all the background information they had for the parents of my puppy “Ash”. I’m so pleased to have my puppy who is a European Merle Great Dane. He’s very sweet, gentle, and extremely intelligent for just a 4 month old! The day that I got Ash, they provided a bag full of information for the puppy. Vet information of shots etc… was very nice to have and provide for my own vet. Before leaving their property with my puppy, they gave me a good easy list of things to do and not to do. THAT WAS EXTREMELY HELPFUL! I’m very lucky finding these breeders online. They are totally awesome and all their Danes that they breed are very beautiful and majestic. The purest Danes I’ve ever seen in person. So again I HIGHLY recommend these breeders and their Great Danes!

Catherine Coffman | Apr 6, 2018 4:08 PM
June 13, 2018

The Most Gorgeous Dogs

We found PKY Danes when we began looking for a great dane breeder near the Houston area. Karen and Phil were both very welcoming, down to earth good people and had some of the most gorgeous dogs. They seemed to both really care about their animals and invest a lot of time and money in their well being. Our black female Raven was the last puppy left from a previous litter when we first visited. We were wanting to get a Blue, but her little face was so just so soft and sweet we just couldn’t say no! We’ve had her for two weeks now and she is the sweetest thing ever! Karen and Phil have checked in on us several times through text to make sure Ravens adjusting well, and also encouraging us again to stay in touch and to feel free to contact them if we ever have any questions or concerns. They had a very thorough pick up process for us as well with an amazing puppy kit and spent at least half an hour going over all the medical and AKC documents, and all the right foods, supplements, and best treats to make Raven feel healthy and right at home! They were fantastic through the entire process, we couldn’t be happier with our new member of the family!

Nathan & Brittney Bowen | Apr 4, 2018 8:38 PM
June 13, 2018

Phil And Karen Were Wonderful

I had wanted a Great Dane for years and when I finally moved down to Texas with my fiance I couldn’t wait to add a member to our family. Phil and Karen were wonderful through the whole process from deciding to put down a deposit to keeping us posted with pictures as our puppy got bigger each week. Our pup Ollie is the epitome of a wonderful Great Dane with a loving and affectionate temperament. He is a beautifully marked Harlequin with one gorgeous light brown/green eye and a stunning blue eye. We couldn’t be happier to have him as our new baby! Will definitely look to Phil and Karen in the future when we are ready for more…. (:

Danielle and Mike | Apr 4, 2018 3:12 PM
June 13, 2018

I’m Definitely Going Back To Them

just love my pup Ruby. She has the sweetest personality and is all love all the time. Phil and Karen were great through the entire time i waited for her to be born. They gave me updates and kept me well informed. I absolutely recommend them and when I’m ready for a second pup, I’m definitely going back to them. The process was smooth and worth every penny. I just love Ruby and I am grateful for all the advice and information Phil and Karen gave me when I finally picked her up. I wouldn’t have changed anything, this was a great experience! Thanks Phil and Karen. Ruby says hi! 🙂

Jaire Quezada | Mar 26, 2018 7:27 PM
June 13, 2018

They Are Spectacular!

Do not hesitate to pay the deposit and pick your pup. I have two European blues. They are spectacular! Phil and Karen kept me apprised the entire time of my new family. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with them and their attention to detail. My girls are very, very smart, loving, have watchful eyes and have learned much from my long time border collie, they observe, aborb and learn very quickly. Lovely, just lovely.

TRISH AUTREY | Mar 15, 2018 8:40 PM
June 13, 2018

You Are Both Amazing!

‎Zeus is fitting in perfectly. I think it was love at first sight! Zeus ❤ Zeta Thank you Phil and Karen for this amazing addition to our family! You are both amazing! Even with all my texts, phone calls and emails ,while we were waiting for Zeus to be born and old enough to come home, you never once made me feel like I was bothering you :). Taking time out of you busy day to send us pics when the weather was too bad to come visit him was so sweet and thoughtful!

‎Julie Rembert Feild | Mar 9, 2018 6:44 PM
June 13, 2018

Highly Recommended!

We had been contemplating getting a Great Dane for a couple years. We could not be happier with our male puppy. Phil and Karen were so helpful and informative. Without a doubt the best experience we’ve ever had purchasing a puppy. He is extremely healthy, well behaved, gentle, smart, and easily adapted to our family. Highly recommended!

Joy | Jan 14, 2018 10:26 PM
June 13, 2018

Very Knowledgeable About Great Danes!

We got our 8 week old female Mantle-Merle Dane from PKY at the end of November; and we couldn’t be more happy with our Josie. She’s now about to turn 12 weeks old and is already over 35 lbs…she’s going to be a beautiful, big girl! She has a wonderful temperament, while very playful, she has very calm demeanor. Josie is also very smart and is picking up house-training and other commands very well. I highly recommend PKY…Phil & Karen go the extra effort in customer service and are very knowledgeable about Great Danes!

Brett Banfield | Dec 20, 2017 12:01 PM
June 13, 2018

So Blessed That We Found You Guys

It’s worth the wait for us! So blessed that we found you guys. Oh and by the way, she loves blankets…and hilarious when she plays. She is really getting along with Tiny, our mixed grey Great Dane.

Angela Z. Szutenbach | Dec 17, 2017 10:24 PM
June 13, 2018

Thank You Phil!!!

See my husband’s comment below. FYI: I can’t get enough love from our new daughter Sapphire. She is a very sweet girl and well trained! Thank you Phil!!!

Angela Z. Szutenbach | Dec 17, 2017 10:03 PM
June 13, 2018

Would Not Consider Any Other Breeder.

We found PKY Danes online after we have been searching for months for a companion Great Dane. I spoke with Phil, who was extremely welcoming. Phil spent the time to explain everything regarding the possible purchase. We went to his location, before even showing us the dog, Phil spent an amount of time getting to know our needs and desires for the dog. Following this conversation, he brought a beautiful white Great Dane. This dog had an incredible personality and was also very open. We loved the dog immediately. We knew she would be a great addition to our family. Phil spent more time going over the care and maintenance for our new family member. Phil really cares about each dog, and it is obvious that he wants only the best. While on the way home, he called to see how we and Sapphire were doing. I was very impressed with every aspect of dealing with PKY Danes. After this experience I would not consider with dealing with any other breeder.

Michael Szutenbach | Dec 17, 2017 5:25 AM
June 13, 2018

Thank You For Such A Gift!!!

Hi this is Ashley, Lady’s mom. My husband, Paul Judson picked her up back in the beginning of the year. She is one of the pups from Mojave & Dakota’s litter. She is growing quickly and becoming quite the character as her first birthday rolls around!! We wanted to share a few pictures of her recent silliness:) she is amazing!! Thank you for such a gift!!! All the best, Ashley Judson

ASHLEY | Dec 16, 2017 4:11 PM
June 13, 2018

They Genuinely Care About Their Dogs

For over a year now Jason and I knew that we wanted our girls to grow up with a dog. We researched and searched different breeds and breeders. We came across Phil and Karen who breed Great Danes. The first time we spoke with them we knew we had found the type of dog and the breeders we wanted to go through. They were very patient with us and answered all of our questions and concerns. I could contact them 24/7. Literally! They genuinely care about there dogs. Our sweet Bella has a very sweet and calm nature. She has stolen our hearts already!

Alexis Alayne | Dec 11, 2017 10:44 PM
June 13, 2018

Kind And Patient

After waiting 15 months for my puppy she has arrived! She is perfect and well worth the wait! Thank you Phil and Karen for my sweet baby and for being so kind and patient with me. If you want a perfect Great Dane go to PKY Danes…they know what they are doing!

RHONDA FERRELL | Dec 3, 2017 10:00 PM
June 13, 2018

There Is Not Better Dane Breeder!

PKY Danes is the best place to get a new family member that could be in a show ring! Phil and Karen truly care for the breed and their Danes are not for building an income but each one is loved. Very special people who love the bread and their extended Dane family (people who have one of their puppies). You will not find a more supportive breeder. They cut no corners and every puppy that leaves PKY Danes will be healthy and have great bloodlines and personality. There is not better Dane Breeder! We have one family member and are waiting for our second. Any one who wants a Dane should talk to Phil &Karen at PKY Danes!!!

Joy Parke-Slaback | Dec 3, 2017 9:57 PM
June 13, 2018

Could Not Recommend A Better Breeder

I could not recommend a better breeder. I researched probably over a hundred breeders before picking one and Phil and Karen stood far superior to any other I looked at. They have exceeded my expectations above and beyond! I truly could not ask for a better puppy (personality, size and looks). I was also blown away that Phil followed up with me after my puppy’s first vet visit. The Young’s even gave me an extra calendar because I had commented on how impressed my mother was when she looked at their dogs online. Kasper has become one of the family and I cannot heap enough praise on Phil and Karen for him, thank you guys!

Lauren | Nov 30, 2017 10:31 AM
June 13, 2018

Phil And Karen Were Amazing

I never planned to have another Dane so soon. I went out of town and my hubby found this sweet girl. We call her Piper. She is amazing. Great personality, great disposition and completely beautiful. Phil and Karen were amazing to talk too, I could tell they cared about the babies. We are thrilled to have Piper in our lives, it has brought so much joy and laughter and love. She is Family til the end. She loves and follows Allen Duke Jr. like no other. They have a sweet bond, until he’s out of town, then she’s bonded with me. It’s perfect.

Jacqui Schmirler Duke | Nov 7, 2017 10:36 PM
June 13, 2018

The BEST Breeder Around!

Whit Kt reviewed pkydanes — 5 star The BEST breeder around! I was referred to PKY Danes from a lady online. I contacted Phil and Karen in hopes that I could visit their location due to a bad experience with a different breeder. They were more than happy to welcome me to their property. Phil and Karen welcomed me as if I were family and treated me the same. It is obvious that they take such great pride in their dogs. Phil and Karen sat outside with me talking for hours and showing me several of the beautiful dogs so I could get an idea of their temperaments knowing that I did not intend to purchase a puppy for several more months. They answered question after question. I wound up getting my girl, Kimber, who has been the most loving dog. Phil and Karen didn’t stop answering their phone after I purchased my dog. They are now great friends. Thank you, Phil and Karen! 🙂

KATIE | Nov 7, 2017 10:28 PM
June 13, 2018

Such A Pleasure To Deal With

We could not be happier with our new puppy, Lincoln. Phil and Karen were such a pleasure to deal with, and Sierra and Mason were absolutely stunning to meet in person. We feel so comforted knowing that the breeders we chose are only a call away to offer any support they can. Lincoln is so lucky to come from such a great home to a, hopefully, even better forever home with us. If you are thinking of buying a Great Dane pup or adult, do not hesitate to consider PKY Danes, and if you are on the fence, just give them a call and see for yourself how knowledgable and caring they are. We love our Dane, Lincoln! He is 52 pounds and some change as of last Saturday, 10/28, at 16 going on 17 weeks!

Jocelyn and William | Nov 3, 2017 2:27 AM
June 13, 2018

Great Breeders

Allen Duke Jr. Great breeders and truly know Great Danes. They helped us so much with our last puppy and look forward to working with them soon

Allen Duke Jr. | Oct 30, 2017 9:39 PM
June 13, 2018

Our Breeders Of Choice

Our house is home to Lady Cerulean, the perfect product of a breeding between Sierra and Mason. She is gorgeous and her temperament is unreal. She is amazing with our three kids and has been the perfect addition to our family. We are first time dane owners but prepared 5 years to open our doors and hearts to our littie girl. We decided on Phil and Karen as our breeders of choice because they truly live for their dogs and have an amazing breeding program and breeding stock. They have been 100% forthright, honest, supportive and frankly have become great friends. They are available 24/7 for questions and have been genuinely interested in Lady’s well being both before and after coming home with us. While we are engaged in loving and training our smart and loving Lady who is an amazing representative of her breed, we look forward to our next dane as well and will only consider PKY Danes for our future family members. Phil and Karen- we thank you for your support and allowing us to bring home one of your puppies. We cherish your friendship and share your love for this amazing breed! Ty and Giannina

Robert and Giannina Morris | Oct 23, 2017 1:25 AM
June 13, 2018

Wealth Of Knowledge

Many thanks to Phil & Karen for their wealth of knowledge and taking two rookie Great Dane owners and turning them into seasoned professionals. Athena Bleu has become a wonderful family member! She is intelligent, trained easily, and maintains a sweet disposition with a gentle protectiveness. We are incredibly thankful for the way PKY Danes made our Great Dane ownership a smooth and enjoyable transition.

DEBBIE PAKES! | Oct 9, 2017 7:19 PM
June 13, 2018

Leopold Is Fantastic!

Leopold is fantastic! He is an absolute angel and just truly the love of my life. He’s a strong and healthy 170 pounds, sweet, gentle, loving, obedient, and super funny. We just adore him so much! Always so thankful to y’all for creating him�� You won’t believe how beautiful he is! Everyone says he has the most beautiful coat they’ve ever seen. Gwen

GWEN | Oct 8, 2017 7:06 PM
June 13, 2018

Beautiful Dog With A Great Temperament

Hey guys! Her name is Jewels and she is the sweetest most lovable girl and very striking. At first was very shy but now very sociable and loving. Everyone in the neighborhood and beyond always wants to pet her. She is very slim and statuesque and weighs 125 lbs but vet says she is in great shape! I will send pics soon! Thanks for reaching out and giving us such a beautiful dog with a great temperament.

MATT | Oct 8, 2017 4:59 PM
June 13, 2018

Superior Bloodlines, Amazing Temperament

An amazing breeeder! A wealth of knowledge kind and generous people. This is one of their blue babies mason x Sierra Khalessi. I couldn’t have a received a better puppy. Between superior bloodlines, amazing temperament, and gorgeous looks. You have the best breeder on board.

Dennise Monares | Sep 20, 2017 2:09 AM
June 13, 2018

10 Out Of 10 Stars

10 out of 10 starts hands down!!! I purchased our 100% Blue Great Dane from the Young’s for my son’s 3rd birthday. It’s safe to say that ROMAN WAS THE BEST GIFT GIVEN!!! Him and my son play, fetch, and he has even helped my son with his potty training. Every 30min, my son yells, “its potty time Roman,” and runs to use his potty then take Roman outside to potty lol. We love our Dane and couldn’t be happier. When I met the Young’s, it was like I always knew them. They stayed in contact with me before the birth and afterwards. I received weekly pictures of my Dane and even his progress. He was chipped, given initial shots, and even cared for wonderfully. Upon getting him, I was given instructions on feedings schedules, amounts, shot records, and papers to register him. And let’s not forget the care package we received. We received a imprinted bag with his parents on it filled with toys, food, reflector vest, collars, leashes, seat belt securing device, and so much more!!! I made the greatest decision going to PKYdanes. Even after 2-3 weeks of having him, the Young’s stay in touch to check on him! I would and HAVE recommended them to many others. Don’t wait guys, just give em a call and start building a relationship to getting you a new family member!

Courtney and Jaxon | Sep 20, 2017 0:34 AM
June 13, 2018

10 Out Of 10!

10 out of 10! Phil and Karen are amazing breeders and theyre also good people. Highly recommend!

Val and Chris | Sep 19, 2017 7:34 PM
June 13, 2018

A Beloved Family Member

Hello Phil and Karen its been awhile since we purchased our black male from you I believe it was around August the week prior to Mrs. Karen’s surgery up north in Colorado. We named him Apollo now that he is a year and 3 or 4 months old he is about 110 lbs and is a beloved family member. Our 2 yr old daughter has claimed him for herself where she goes Apollo is not far behind he is very protective of her we found this out while outside and the UPS guy dropped off a package. Thank you both very much for our big teddy bear he sleeps at the foot of our bed and refuses to move until the wife and I get up for work. We recently bought a home and 5 acres and he loves HIS yard . The wife and I will definitely be touching base with you in the near future to get our big boy a playmate.

Ron | Sep 14, 2017 1:48 PM
June 13, 2018

Couldn’t Of Asked For A Better Pet

Thank you Phil for our beautiful boy! He’s a good puppy and great with our kids. We couldn’t of asked for a better pet for our little family.

ALEXIS LEAL | Sep 9, 2017 4:48 PM
June 13, 2018

Hands-Down 5 Stars!

“Hands-down 5 stars! First, let’s talk about Phil. We first spoke to him coming off a bad experience with another Breeder. Phil told us flat out not to look at a male, because we have 4 children at home. He said a female will bond and protect our children more. Finally! Someone who will direct us based on our needs. Phil spend literally hours sharing information and just getting to know us before picking up our new pup. Now let’s talk about Karen….the lady who really runs the show, lol. She is so organized. It felt like Christmas when she brought out our new puppy pack! The amount of detail surprised us, they thought of everything and set us, and our pup, up for success. Their dogs are well cared for and they become family with the people who buy their pups. Our puppy is perfect, beautiful and has a wonderful disposition. But best of all, we can reach out with questions, for advise or just to say hello anytime, and Phil and Karen will be happy to answer our call. Best breeders around.”

SARA BRENNAN! | Sep 5, 2017 2:37 AM
June 13, 2018

Best Great Dane Breeder Around!!!

Best Great Dane breeder around!!! These puppies are transported in better conditions then when I fly. Our family will only buy dogs from Phil and Karen. Great people with great dogs!

BEAU BRENNAN | Sep 5, 2017 2:04 AM
June 13, 2018

The Greatest Experience

Omg I had the greatest experience meeting the Youngs. They were awesome at informing me on everything. I got Feeding schedules, a bag with his parents printed on it (filled with toys, a shirt, bones, food, collars… I could go on and on), and much much more. They were extremely helpful. My son received the best birthday gift ever. They already sleep together ❤❤❤!

Courtney Brown | Sep 3, 2017 10:29 PM
June 13, 2018

Best People And Best Danes

Best people and best Danes, my blue is handsome and a great part of our family. Highly recommend.

SAMANTHA & RYAN ! | Aug 31, 2017 1:12 AM
June 13, 2018

He Loves Kids!

Hi Phil and Karen Hope this finds you all doing well! Just wanting to send you a few pictures of Abe and give you an update! He is doing well, kennel training has been a breeze- he goes in when he is tired and to hang out! Potty training is going well – very few issues and they have been our lack of understanding what he was telling us. lol He picked up on what Diesel does ( knocks on door with foot) and mirrors it, its amazing! Leash training is going well! He is a quick learner! He and Diesel have bonded – and that is amazing! Hard to believe its only been 5 weeks! They make us laugh so much, two danes are better than one! O Saturday he weighed 37 lbs! We look at him then we blink and he grows – its so crazy! He is just so super sweet! We have taken him to social functions with lots of people and he does well, people are amazed at how calm he is! He loves kids! Thank you again for allowing us to give one of your babies a forever home! Have a great day! Jeannine, Duane, Diesel and Abe

Jeannine | Aug 2, 2017 8:47 PM
June 13, 2018

They Are Fantastic Breeders

2 1/2 years ago, we got our 1st great dane from Phil and Karen. Not knowing what to expect, but still excited. We absolutely love Stella…so much so that we are getting another one of their puppies tomorrow. They are fantastic breeders and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to expand their family, Great Dane Style!

SHANNON AND BILLY JANIC | Jul 23, 2017 3:28 AM
June 13, 2018

Absolutely Wonderful

We recently received our GracieBelle from Phil and Karen and have joined the PKY family. This is our first Great Dane and we could NOT be more impressed with our Gracie girl. She is beyond beautiful and catches eyes wherever we go. But more than anything, she is happy and has a great temperament. Our vet was very impressed with her when she met her less than 12 hours after arrival. I was a little nervous about the transportation process, but when she arrived she looked well cared for and didn’t even seem phased by her journey. Norman was very professional. Within three days of receiving her, she was around my 1 year old nephew and was extremely gentle with him. Phil and Karen were absolutely wonderful with answering all of our questions regarding the Great Dane breed. We will definitely be coming back for our next Great Dane. Huge thank you to Phil and Karen for our beautiful girl.

Rachel and Michael Schumacher | Jul 19, 2017 7:48 PM
June 13, 2018

Thank You So Much For Our Little Boy

Thank you so much for our little boy, Stanley! He is amazing and so smart! He came to us almost completely housebroken! He’s very inquisitive, friendly and funny!

Kerry Smith | Jul 9, 2017 7:49 PM
June 13, 2018

I Can’t Say Enough

Phil and Karen are truly the best breeders in the Houston area. My husband and I searched high and low looking for a good reputable, responsible breeder and we certainly hit the jackpot. They love their dogs and pups and invite new owners to be a part of their family. They have been responsive, kind and just overall wonderful! We got our little boy, Kahuna, last week and couldn’t be more in love with him! He is beautiful, smart and such a fun addition to our family. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Phil, Karen and their pups! 🙂

Jennifer and Wayne Courreges | Jul 2, 2017 10:25 PM
June 13, 2018

Thank You Karen And Phil For Everything

Thank you Karen and Phil for everything. We love our new baby Louie (even after a few sleepless nights!) and he is settling in beautifully in our home. He has the sweetest disposition, is learning so fast, and we can already tell that he’s going to be such a great dog. He’s also such a beauty that everyone wants to stop and admire him – hope it doesn’t go to his head! Thanks again.

Nancy Marx | Jul 2, 2017 1:22 PM
June 13, 2018

The Puppy Care Package Was Superb

Phil and Karen Thank you for making our first puppy addition a pleasurable one! Abe is settling in, our other Dane, Diesel absolutely adores him! Our 5 lb chihuahua on the other hand is upset but once he realizes he will always be the boss he will be fine. We met Norman a few hours south of here latst night so we could get him sooner! He traveled home well and I took him to work with me this am for a few and he was a hit people Love him! We love him and are exited to watch him grow. The puppy care package was superb. Thank you so much. Thanks again Duane and Jeannine

Jeannine | Jun 30, 2017 0:29 AM
June 13, 2018

I Can’t Say Enough About Phil & Karen

I can’t say enough about Phil & Karen. They were always available for phone calls and emails throughout Galaxy’s pregnancy and kept us updated along the way. We took home our pup about a month ago as first-time Dane owners and they have been so supportive with all of our questions- big and small. They are so knowledgable of the breed and truly care for all of their dogs before, during, and long after birth. We will always go to Phil & Karen if/when we decide to own another Dane and when we have questions. They are awesome and so are their Danes!

Madison & Sam | Jun 6, 2017 11:54 AM
June 13, 2018

Wonderful And Conscientious Breeder

hey folks, Thanks for reaching out. Lady Ace (Ocho) has become an invaluable member of our family. She has become my wife’s best friend. So much so that I may be out a best friend. Heh. She (Lady) was 56lbs a little over a week ago when I took her in to the vet. Lady Ace (Ocho) has become a beautiful girl and we can see she will be a beautiful giant. Thanks Phil for the nudge. I have pressured my amazing wife Ashley into looking at another PKY pup in the future. She is more than willing to open our home to as many as we can afford once we get a larger home. We do need to find someplace more worthy of these gentle beasts. Thanks again folks for the informative website and the time we spent deciding the right puppy. I hope Lady’s sister, #5, has found a family as deserving as mine. My family loves our new addition unconditionally. I am proud of myself for finding such a wonderful and conscientious breeder. I cannot say enough. Please don’t lose my contact information and feel free to reach out anytime. As I said I am still pushing on my beautiful wife to allow us another addition or 2 or 3 to our incredible family. It probably will not be this litter however. Phil, you and Karen have allowed me to give my wife something to show her exactly how much she and our family means to me. That’s more than I could have ever hoped or asked for. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time and expense to breed such magnificent animals. Be confident, as I am, that I will bring another PKY Dane to my family in due time. Lady Ace couldn’t have chosen a better family than ours. She adores her brother and sister and her doggie sister Charlie. Last note; The vet in TX pointed out how well Lady’s teeth lined up after pointing out how tight her hips felt. He has seen many, many Great Danes over the years and said that Lady was the most impressive he had seen. God bless, Paul & Ash Judson

paul and ash judson | May 23, 2017 2:32 AM
June 13, 2018

Absolutely Stunning Dogs

absolutely stunning dogs. We love our big girl. Best people ever, very nice place.

Hanna Stevens | Apr 24, 2017 7:44 PM
June 13, 2018

The Most Beautiful Danes

We picked our puppy up Mardi Gras weekend. He is so precious. We had a 5 hour trip home and he did great. Phil and Karen are wonderful people and have some of the most beautiful Danes I have ever seen. Our puppy’s name is Iko and he is the 4th Great Dane we have owned. The puppies Phil and Karen have are well cared for and I already have my eye on another puppy from one of the future litters! Thank you Phil and Karen for our wonderful new addition to our family!! My advice to anyone looking for a Great Dane puppy look at PKY Danes. You wont regret it. You will get a wonderful quality Dane!!!

Joan Waguespack | Apr 24, 2017 7:41 PM
June 13, 2018

Great People And They Love Their Babies!

We are so in love with our new puppy Bear, we have 2 great Danes that are 9 years old and have been so happy with them we wanted another one. Bear joined our family the end of February 2017 he is just wonderful so sweet and full of life. The grand children love him! Phil and Karen were great answering all of our questions and helping far beyond what they needed to do. Great people and they love their babies!

Joe and Sandy Cunningham | Apr 24, 2017 8:57 AM
June 13, 2018

The Nicest People!

We are so happy with our brand new puppy!! Romeo joined us a little over a week ago and he’s doing great! He’s adjusted to a family of 4 kids ages 8 to 18 and two dogs seamlessly. He is playful and curious and a beautiful puppy with a great disposition. Phil and Karen are the nicest people! They were kind and very patient talking to me on many occasions at all times of the day. They were so helpful and are very knowledgeable and great advice. Thank you Phil and Karen I look forward to seeing your pups on Facebook.

Stephanie Squillari Schiavello | Mar 7, 2017 10:33 PM
June 13, 2018

Thank You!!

We couldn’t be happier with our Dane. She’s been a breeze to house break and walks like a gem on the leash–right from the start. She’s gentle with the kids and just beautiful. We can’t say enough nice things about Phil and Karen. Artemis is going to be a beloved family pet for many years to come. Thank you!!!

Anne | Dec 17, 2016 9:58 AM
June 13, 2018

Best Dog We’ve Ever Had

Charlie is doing great. At 9 & 1/2 months he weighed 160 pounds. He loves his walks and is the hit of the neighborhood. On Halloween kids wanted Charlie instead of candy. People take his picture all the time. He loves to greet people but seems to know when to become a guard dog. Best dog we’ve ever had.

Leroy & Janet Brack | Nov 15, 2016 10:59 AM
June 13, 2018

Taught Us So Much

Phil and Karen were wonderful. My husband and I left feeling like we had known them for years. They taught us so much and told us if we needed anything to let them know. I’m already in love with my sweet boy that we brought home today. I have a feeling, we will be back soon for another one. We were so impressed with the love they have for the danes. Thanks again!

Michelle H. | Oct 9, 2016 10:38 PM
June 13, 2018

Above And Beyond

Phil and Karen have went above and beyond in working with us acquiring our first Great Dane! We appreciate all that they have done for us in this process and are loving our big boy Hunter!

Orrin | Oct 9, 2016 10:13 PM
June 13, 2018

Love These Gentle Giants!

I did not realize the extent of my Great Dane addiction… until I met Phil and Karen. Once I saw the beautiful Danes they breed, I discovered that they also love these gentle giants! After getting my harlequin Theo from them in January ’16, I returned to purchase a female named Maia. This time I visited their home in Texas and was welcomed enthusiastically and with kindness. Since my visit they have contacted me numerous times to make sure everything is going well with my new puppy, and even provided valuable background information about the dog. I so much appreciate the wonderful dogs they bring into the world, our homes and our hearts.

Christine Miller | Sep 22, 2016 1:58 PM
June 13, 2018

Another Amazing Puppy!

My husband and I just purchased our second Dane, Sky, from Phil and Karen and we couldn’t be anymore happy with her. She’s gorgeous, well bred, well tempered and has an awesome personality. Her and our harlequin, Theodore (who we also purchased from Phil and Karen), get along great. If you’re ever looking for a well bred, quality Great Dane to add to your family, PKY Danes is definitely the place to get one. They answer any questions you might have and are so incredibly kind. Thank you so much Phil and Karen for another amazing puppy! We love her so much!

Hannah Nelson | Aug 27, 2016 12:20 PM
June 13, 2018

These People Care About Their Dogs

Great Danes are like potato chips! You cannot have just one! We went back to the Youngs’ and got another sweet Great Dane two months after getting Emma. Nikki, the new puppyl, is a 6-month-old XL girl and has fit right in with the rest of our pack. We have had her for a little over a week and Phil and Karen have called multiple times to see how she is doing. These people care about their dogs and the people that bring home their baby dogs. Thanks again for a wonderful, sweet girl! And thanks for the support you’ve offered this summer as we start a new adventure with our two beautiful girls!

Robin & Steve Richards | Aug 22, 2016 6:54 PM
June 13, 2018

Experts On Great Danes

We got our very first Great Dane almost 3 years ago from Phil and Karen and knew that one day we would be back to add to our family. There was never any thought of going anywhere else because Phil and Karen are such amazing and loving people. They are experts on Great Danes and take great pride in the health and quality of their dogs. We have stayed in touch continuously over the last several years and I’m happy to say the time is finally right and we just added a beautiful male Harlequin (Opie Winston) to our family! Thank you Phil and Karen for filling our home with so much love and joy!

Brittney and Burgundy | Aug 14, 2016 7:34 PM
June 13, 2018

Lovable And Healthy Dogs

We recently lost our beloved Great Dane, Luke. We adopted him from a rescue organization when he was 11 months old. He died at the age of six. Needless to say we were heartbroken. We decided to get another Great Dane and wanted a puppy. We found Phil and Karen. We now have a beautiful blue Great Dane and she is a joy. Phil and Karen were fantastic. They literally spent hours educating us on how we can provide Emma a healthier and longer life than our precious Luke. We knew the first 18 months of raising a Great Dane were crucial and lived through what happens when irresponsible owners don’t have a clue. At least we were able to give Luke 5.5 wonderful years. We could tell immediately that Phil and Karen’s dogs are lovable and healthy dogs. Thanks to them, we are once again happy Great Dane parents!

Robin Richards | Aug 2, 2016 4:45 PM
June 13, 2018

Quality People Breeding Quality Danes

Debbie Dorazil reviewed pkydanes — 5 star We brought home Big Ben two weeks ago and what a super addition to our family. When we picked up Ben Phil and Karen were extremely helpful patiently answering all our questions…they are quality people breeding quality Danes. Thank you!

Debbie Dorazil | Jul 30, 2016 0:25 AM
June 13, 2018

Genuine And Caring People

Phil and Karen helped us pick out our pup recently. He is a beautiful blue dane named Vlad (now), though previously he was EAT :). Phil and Karen were wonderful to work with, and are genuine and caring people. We look forward seeing them again! Thank you Phil and Karen for our awesome new addition to our family.

Ryan and Sam | Jul 13, 2016 10:56 PM
June 13, 2018

Very Special People

Got my new baby today and absolutely love him. And I can not say enuff about Phil & Karen. They are very special people. Everything went so smoothly from start to finish. They are the best. I have had Great Danes for years they are my favorite breed. And I will call them If anyone in my family or friends are wanting a pup.

Mary M. Tamburro | Jul 11, 2016 9:22 PM
June 13, 2018

Over And Beyond Any Breeder

Phil and Karen have gone way over and beyond of any breeder I have dealt with. I was a vet tech for 5 years, working with a veterinarian who was a breeder of borzois, and many breeders of different breeds, brought their breeding stock and litters to see this veterinarian…… so I knew what it took to be a good and responsible breeder. Phil and Karen gave me even more knowledge than I had before. They are patient with all questions, and take the time to make sure that you have all your questions answered before and after you take your new puppy home. We are so very happy that we researched a lot of Great Dane breeders, and we were blessed to find PKY Danes!

Brigette | Jun 22, 2016 11:48 AM
June 13, 2018

I Would Recommend PKY Danes

I must say Phil and Karen made my experience in purchasing my new puppy seamless. I had lots of questions and they were very accommodating in prepping me for my new addition. We love our great dane,and the quality and the care Phil and Karen give to there dogs. If you are looking to buy a great dane I would recommend PKY danes .

Myron | Jun 2, 2016 1:07 AM
June 13, 2018

Phil & Karen Were Awesome

Phil & Karen were awesome throughout the entire process and followed up after we brought our puppy, Blu, home. They sent us pictures and updates and helped us prepare for his arrival. They were always available to answer all of our many questions. Blu is our first Dane. He’s a grey Merle from Diablo & Domino’s litter. He’s a healthy boy and he’s growing so fast. We are already talking about our next addition and there’s no question, we will absolutely see Phil & Karen again. Thank you for making our experience so memorable. Blu is everything you said he’d be and more!

Misty & Kalee M. | May 31, 2016 3:35 PM
June 13, 2018

We Are Ecstatic

We are ecstatic with our perfect blue puppy from Sierra’s litter!! When the litter was born, the mum got sick and so wasn’t able to look after her babies properly, this meant Phil and Karen had to take over the role of Mum, feeding the puppies (14 of them!) every few hours via a bottle and a tube, as well as look after Mum. They went above and beyond, keeping us up to date with our puppy’s progress at the vet visits, and even keeping her a couple of weeks extra to make sure she was definitely healthy enough to come home with us. They’ve been keeping in touch to make sure everything has been going well in her first week home, and are still providing us information and help since we’re first time Great Dane owners. We couldn’t have asked for better, more experienced, and genuinely lovely people to buy Harley from…when we decide to get our next Great Dane we will 100% be coming back here! Phil and Karen – thank you so much!!

Laura and Ali | May 24, 2016 11:40 AM
June 13, 2018

The Best Breeders

This feedback has been long overdue as we bought our pup Maggie from Phil and Karen back in April. I have to say they are the best breeders I have ever worked with. They invited us out to come meet the pups and let my 3 children play with them all so they could see what good temperment they have. I was so impressed how Diablo and Domino were so worried about my 1year old when she was crying to get down. The minute she would start they would run over to see what was going on. I knew that our Maggie would have those same kind of instincts and I was so right. She’s constantly following my 1 year old around and when the big girls come out she’s all over them too. Maggie was the perfect addition to it family and I truly believe she’s so great because of Phil and Karen being such good doggie moms and dads. If I could afford to feed two Great Danes my next one will definitely be from pkydanes again. Thank you so much Phil and Karen!

Jessica Flores | May 19, 2016 6:16 PM
June 13, 2018

Happy With The Entire Experience

I truly believe that you have to love what you do to be really good at it, Karen and Phil are amazingly dedicated to breeding the most desirable Great Dane puppies. The time they spent with Sierra/Apollo’s litter of 15 puppies that were bottle fed and given the best possible start in life was just incredible. (not to mention caring for their own dogs at the same time) Our boy was #2 of the 15 and he is absolutely gorgeous. We are so happy with the entire experience of getting our first PKY Dane. Thank you both so much.

Donna Minor | May 17, 2016 10:33 PM
June 13, 2018


Phil and Karen have got to be THE TOP DANE BREEDERS! My husband put the deposit down in December and didn’t tell me and I was so mad! But, now that we have Rocco, I couldn’t be happier. He has the best personality and is smart as can be for only being 10 weeks old. I feel that is only because they were given so much attention being cared for by Phil and Karen. They even had to bottle feed the litter of 14 because the mom had a uterus infection. It takes a lot of time and dedication to do what they do and I know they put every bit of their time into their Danes. We were not only sent home with a beautiful blue Dane, but they care enough to give you a puppy pack. It includes a nice canvas bag with the mom and dad on it, a small collar and a bigger one for when he grows, toys, a bag of food, and a blanket with his mom Sierra’s scent on it from her laying on it. He sleeps wth it every night. He is perfect!! We all love him and get compliments on him everywhere we go. Thank you guys!! We will definitely come back in the future and recommend you to anyone that asks us!

April and David Garcia | May 15, 2016 8:58 PM
June 13, 2018

A Wonderful Buying Experience

Dear Phil & Karen, I want to thank you so much for a wonderful buying experience. Your honesty and helpfulness were so wonderful. Diamond is a dream, she is growing by leaps and bounds. We just got her ears done and she is a champ. We are meeting with her potental handler for the show ring this weekend. I will be sure to send updates as often as posible, expecially when it is time to show. Diamond has the best personality and is a very quick learner. I attest that to your great breeding program. She is 13 weeks and already up to almost 30lbs. Thank you for all your care and support over the last year, and we are looking forward to meny more to come Thank you again, Laura and Mark Cincinnati, Ohio

Laura Hoeffer | May 10, 2016 11:52 AM
June 13, 2018

Would Definitely Consider Being A Return Customer!

I got my dane puppy Theo from Phil and Karen in January…now he is 5 months old and growing every day! Theodore is so adorable and has the greatest personality. He is so gentle with other dogs at the park, and plays like he is the smallest one around. He loves people and his 5 chicken sisters at home. I really appreciate all the Phil and Karen did for me in purchasing and transporting my puppy home, they went to great lengths to ensure he arrived with minimal stress, cost and effort. Once Theo is grown I would definitely consider being a return customer! Thanks Phil and Karen, best regards!

Christine Miller | Apr 26, 2016 3:44 AM
June 13, 2018

Couldn’t Be Any More Happy

We brought home our new Dane baby a week ago, and it has been a fabulous week! She is smart, loving, and sweet. She already knows how to sit, will get into her kennel when I ask her to, and she’s fabulous with my kids. I couldn’t be any more happy with her. Karen and Phil made the process so simple and seamless, and even sent home a goodie bag with our new baby. Blue Bonnet (Bonnie, for short) is the perfect addition to our family, and I know we will have many years of love and fun ahead of us! I will absolutely, without a doubt, recommend PKY Danes to anyone!

Stephanie Baker | Apr 24, 2016 4:03 PM
June 13, 2018

Our Puppy Is Top Quality

We brought our PKY Baby Boy home on this past Saturday. It was truly a day filled with many emotions starting with Karen coming out with our Boy Duca. He is absolutely beautiful. I have shared my life with Danes for over 40 years and can tell everyone that our puppy is top quality. Little Duca is openly affectionate and already caring towards us. His Mom caught my eye and captured my heart a year ago. Domino is truly a Dane to behold. She is sound in structure, confident, proud, calm, alert, and gentle, along with demonstrating great leadership among her family of other Danes. While visiting the home of Phil and Karen, we were comfortable visiting with all of their Danes because of their temperament. Their Danes live in the home along with the family. This was important to me. They are accustomed to sharing space with humans and this was very important to us. We came to realize how hard Phil and Karen work everyday in caring for all the members of their Dane family. I don’t think most people understand the type of time, effort, and dedication that goes into our Babies before they come home to live with us. The Pet bag that is given with our Baby included items that required great thoughtfulness, like a collar and leash for Duca when he reaches full size. The blanket from our puppy’s mom Dominio, a T-shirt and canvas bag with Duca’s mom and dad photo on it. Phil and Karen really love their babies and are very experienced in the life long care needed in Breeding and caring for this breed. We have had or Baby for a week and he has already doubled in size. Duca has brought to us much joy. He is so confident and calm. He sits right in my area and plays with his toys and is completely satisfied. Phil and Karen, your devotion to the Dane Breed is so evident in the personality of our precious Little Duca. He is truly a Grand DUKE!!! Grateful, Eddie and Beverly

Eddie and Beverly Palmer | Apr 18, 2016 11:23 AM
June 13, 2018

Wonderful Dams And Sires

Phil and Karen are the most warm and friendliest people we’ve met in a long time. We were immediately welcomed to their home with open arms as friends and never felt as if it was solely a business transaction between buyer and seller. Of course those topics came up, however, the atmosphere remained extremely friendly and was not the focal point of conversation. During our search for a new Great Dane puppy, we traveled to numerous breeders, toured their facilities, observed parental temperaments (where available) and made an assessment on the breeder’s willingness to educate and overall involvement with the entire process to provide a puppy with a forever home. Understanding that temperaments are a hereditary trait normally passed down from the immediate parents, PKY Danes was the only breeder that allowed our entire family (2 adults and 3 kids 15, 12 & 3) to interact with the parents…not just see them from a distance. They have the most wonderful Dams and Sires that took to our family immediately! The parents were calm, cool and collective. You could see it their eyes and the way each adult Great Dane carried themselves that they are loving pets in a well cared for and in a happy & loving home. PKY Danes was not the first breeder we looked at, nor was it the last. They were however, the only breeder that made an everlasting impression. It was an easy decision for my wife and I to choose one of PKY Dane’s pups. Thank you Phil and Karen for the great experience you both provided to my entire family. Rest assure, our next adventure for another Great Dane Puppy will be a lot easier because PKY Danes will be our first, last, and only breeder we look at for available puppies to give a home to. Respectfully, James

James | Apr 17, 2016 5:33 PM
June 13, 2018

They Think Of Everything!

Phil & Karen are so professional…buying a Dane from them has been an absolute pleasure. They think of everything! Even a fleece throw with mama’s scent on it for the puppy along with a very nice puppy kit! We are enjoying Apache so much, thank you for all you do!

Joe & Debbie Hunt | Apr 16, 2016 5:34 PM
June 13, 2018

Beautiful, Healthy And Extremely Smart Danes.

Phil and Karen (Pky Danes) breed beautiful, healthy and extremely smart Danes. We got our Peanut and absolutely love her. She is ficesty, smart, beautiful and very happy. Our children and grandchildren absolutely love her and she returns the love also. We highly recommend Pky Danes for all Dane lovers. Thank you very much Phil and Karen she’s the best ♥️

Lee & Sandy Lewis | Apr 8, 2016 10:07 AM
June 13, 2018

Such Wonderful Temperaments!

Phil and Karen are amazing people who are responsible breeders of Great Danes. The bloodlines are strong and their Dams and Sires throw beautifully marked, strong healthy pups. Our friendship was kindled New Year’s Day 2016. Mom had been talking, once again, about bringing a Dane back into her life. I jumped on to Phil and Karen’s website to see when their next litter would be. I had been following them on and off for about a year. Remarkably they had two litters. Three from Kerra and 14 from Osa. I called and Phil invited us to visit that evening. Mom met Maggie and fell in love. Not only did we get to meet the litter mates but the parents too. Maggie is a beautiful black Dane with a small white tuff under her chin and the tip of her tail. Then I met my Willow. A beautifully marked Harlequin with one amber eye and ine blue eye. She stole my heart and intertwined into my soul! I named her that night! Phil and Karen were kind enough to allow us to visit the girls every week. We visited with them and grew our friendship as well as played with the pups and their parents Diablo, Kerra and Osa. Such wonderful temperaments! The day we brought the girls home was bitter sweet. Joyous with a few tears. Phil and Karen love each one of those dogs! Phil and Karen keep in touch. They want to make sure the pup is adjusting well to their new environments. They truly are amazing people who love the Great Dane breed. I highly recommend PKY Danes as a top pick for European and American bloodline Great Danes. Respectfully, Amy Lehman

Amy Lehman | Mar 18, 2016 9:21 PM
June 13, 2018

Nothing But Raving Reviews

Thank you both so much, you guys are amazing and I have nothing but raving reviews and stories to tell everyone about you two! You really are everything we hoped for in a breeder. You really and truly care about the longevity and health of your dogs and their offspring and we couldn’t be more thankful! You even took care of her when she had a stomach bug and cared enough about her to give her second round of shots before we got her! Our little girl, Juniper, is the best dog, and we get constant compliments about how beautiful her markings are. She’s so intelligent and is very happy. We’ve already been spreading the PKY Dane name around Austin, referring people to your website to get a Dane! Thank you both again, you two are amazing people and dog lovers!

Carissa | Feb 21, 2016 3:45 PM
June 13, 2018

Karen And Phil Were Delightful

Top Shelf! We absolutely love our new baby, Elka! Karen and Phil were delightful to work with! I look forward to the next addition to my family from them as I will definitely be a return customer. We were so pleaseed that she was already accustomed to the crate and it was apparent they had spent individual time with her. She is well bred, extremely intelligent, beautiful and my love! I only wish that we had been able to spend more time visiting before we had to leave. Thank you for making sure we had a healthy and happy new baby! God bless you both, and your doggie family! Julie

Julie Decker | Feb 20, 2016 11:46 AM
June 13, 2018

We Highly Recommend PKYDANES

We are ecstatic about our new great dane puppy from pky. He is absolutely beautiful and so sweet. He picked up ‘sit’ and potty training so quickly, you can tell Phil and Karen had already been working with him. Due to unforseen circumstances we had a bit of a wait for our puppy to be born, but Phil and Karen kept in contact with us the entire way; from us placing our deposit until we finally took him home. They even checked in to see how we were doing once we got him home. We highly recommend PKYDANES.

Jourdan & Shane | Feb 1, 2016 5:39 PM
June 13, 2018

Extremely Helpful Throughout The Process

Phil and Karen were extremely helpful throughout the process of finding the right puppy for us. They were flexible with our schedules, especially around the holidays. Overall it was a great experience and my wife and I are glad we got Amos through pkydanes.

Alex Odom | Jan 31, 2016 10:06 PM
June 13, 2018

Commitment To The Animals Was Unparalleled

It is my great pleasure to share our family’s experience adopting our beautiful, loving Great Dane from PKY Danes. From the start, Phil and Karen were overwhelmingly generous with their time and expertise in answering all our questions and providing us with a wealth of information regarding the breed, the parents, and the process. Their commitment to the animals was unparalleled to anything we had ever seen, focusing their entire lives around providing for each animal’s every need. The process was entirely smooth, with the only challenge being selecting which beautiful puppy was to be the next addition to our family. Once the puppies were adequately immunized to ensure their health and well-being, we were invited to visit. They opened their home to us and welcomed us like family. In fact, we visited on several occasions (despite the two hour drive) over a period of several weeks. Each time they happily sacrificed their weekend time for us and never once made us feel that we had asked for too much from them. Our puppy, Leopold, is absolutely the most loving, intelligent, good-natured dog a person could ever dream of owning. His friendly, playful disposition is identical to that of his father, which we also had the opportunity to meet and enjoy. We delightfully and without any reservation whatsoever recommend PKY Danes to prospective Great Dane owners. In fact, our family will be forever grateful for the incredible puppy and experience they created for us.

Gwen, Jeff & Gracie Labosco | Jan 31, 2016 5:27 PM
June 13, 2018

Thank You For Sharing Your Vast Knowledge

Thank You for sharing your vast knowledge in the caring and raising of our Great Dane “Charlie” he has a great personality and has fit into our family quite well.

Leroy & Janet Brack | Jan 31, 2016 10:49 AM
June 13, 2018

Phil And Karen Were Extremely elpful

Phil and Karen were extremely helpful in the process of getting my Great Dane puppy Rexter. I had hundreds of questions and they were very patient with me and answered them on great detail. They talked to me about all the puppy basics to make sure I was prepared. I am convinced that Rexter is the best puppy in the world! He is very smart. He is doing well with potty training and learned how to “sit” after only 3 days! He loves to cuddle but will also go on his own and just lay in his crate. I am very very happy with my Great Dane puppy. I knew he would be great but meeting Diablo reassured me even more.

Kim and Xavi | Jan 31, 2016 10:26 AM
June 13, 2018



BRITNY AND KIRK ! | Jan 26, 2016 0:53 AM
June 13, 2018

We Highly Recommend Them!

Phil and Karen are amazing people that have amazing Great Danes. We just bought our first Great Dane puppy from them and my husband and I couldn’t be happier! If you’re looking to buy a Great Dane in the future Phil and Karen are amazing. They answered all the questions we had, are very knowledgable of the breed and they’re so kind. Doing business with them has been a breeze and we highly recommend them!

Hannah Nelson | Jan 15, 2016 8:14 PM
June 13, 2018

Karen And Phil, Are Awesome

Karen and Phil, are awesome. We are really enjoying our addition to the family. Doc is a great dog

Barbara Berry | Nov 27, 2015 2:02 AM
June 13, 2018


We anxiously await hearing the good news that one of the females is expecting. I can’t tell you how delighted we were to meet the dogs and how highly anticipated this new puppy is to our family! Thank you again for all the time and attention you afforded us, as it was sincerely appreciated! Gwen

Gwen | Oct 23, 2015 4:24 PM
June 13, 2018

5 Star

5 star- Phil and Karen are true Great Dane professionals! Knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Emailed them this afternoon and got a phone call tonight! Enjoyed my conversation with both of these great folks! JoAnn C

JoAnn C | Oct 17, 2015 1:36 AM
June 13, 2018

Extremely Friendly And Welcoming

We came across PKY Danes website during our search for a reputable great dane breeder in the Houston area. After email and phone communication we arranged to go and meet them and their dogs. From the moment we arrived, they were extremely friendly and welcoming and asked us (strangers) into their house to spend time with them and their lovely danes. We spent about 2 hours discussing the danes and how they go about their breeding. As new great dane owners, this was very helpful for us and phil and karen were more than happy to accommodate. They are extremely passionate about breeding beautiful and healthy danes and have some of the most comprehensive guarantee policies we have come across. They talked about our new puppy’s lineage and what to expect when she arrives and have given us lots of information about feeding, training, exercising and immunizing our new puppy. All the new puppies and parents are AKC registered and you can track their lineage, which is great to know your new dane is coming from champion stock. If anyone is considering getting a great dane, we would both thoroughly recommend paying a visit to Phil and Karen. We can’t wait for our puppy to arrive and are excited to have Phil and Karen there to help.

Laura & Ali | Jun 17, 2015 9:40 PM
June 12, 2018

A Constant Resource

As we celebrate Milo’s first birthday today, I wanted to send a thank you For this sweet, gorgeous girl! As are all your Danes, Milo is gorgeous, smart and well mannered! This past year with her has brought us nothing but joy….and a few laughs! Thank you Phil and Karen for being a constant resource and support to us.

Sandy Heartwell | May 19, 2015 7:00 PM
June 12, 2018

Great Great Danes

We have a black female from Mojave and Dakota’s litter. We have had “Lilly” for a little over a month and she could not be more beautiful. It doesn’t matter where we go people stop us and tell us how beautiful she is. Phil and Karen are great people that breed great Great Danes. They are always happy to answer any questions and are very knowledgeable about the breed. When we first came to their home to visit, they welcomed us like family and made sure our three kids were comfortable. When we came back to pick up our puppy they had put together a very nice take home bag with things needed to make the transition better for our sweet little (haha) puppy. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality Great Dane to add to their family. Phil and Karen are the best!

Jake & Michelle Moon | May 19, 2015 10:00 AM
June 12, 2018

I Couldn’t Be More Happy

have recently purchased a male from Dakotas latest litter,we have named him ares,he is a giant and well over healthy boy,Phil and Karen have more than helped me with directions to care for him,from daily feeding,vet visits and proper health care,they are very sweet people and go beyond out of their way to ensure you know what your doing when to do it and to ensure your happy wth your puppy,my purchase from pky Danes has been a stress less pleasure and I couldn’t be more happy with my boy and the commitment they have shown me for the health and happiness of my boy,I would do it over and again.thank you Phil and Karen

Lamar | May 5, 2015 12:51 PM
June 12, 2018

What A Great Experience This Has Been

I have wanted a Great Dane my entire life. I have three young kids and wanted to add one to our family at the right time. I have done TONS of research not only on the breed but also breeders. When my family came across PKY Danes we called to inquire about a pup from Dakota and Mojaves litter. Phil returned my call the same day and took his time to talk with me about the breed, his danes and our families. We both wanted to be sure this was a good fit. And it was!!! We have a baby boy, Oz, who is a sweet gentle, loving, playful little guy. He has blended right into our family of 3 kids and 3 other dogs (all rescues). We searched the USA to find the right pup for our family and we found him at PKY Danes in TX. He was driven by a very nice young woman, Shawna, all the way to PA! Phil and Karen have been amazing through out this entire experience. They return our calls promptly and have always been there to give advice. Since we were across the country and knew my family was eager to meet our new pup they continued to send us updated pictures and even a video so we could see him playing in their yard with mama. It was SO kind of them to take the extra time to do this not only for me but especially for my kids! You can tell they love their dogs, pups and the breed and aren’t just trying to sell a puppy, they are placing their pups in their forever homes knowing they will be loved and adored for years to come. I KNOW we will get another great dane from them in the future. My family and I can not express enough what a great experience this has been, how wonderful Phil and Karen are and what an outstanding pup has joined our family from theirs. We hope that anyone reading this will have the same privilege we have had to get to know this family and their danes!

Kristin & Matt | May 2, 2015 8:01 PM
June 12, 2018


My family picked up Ripley (10 week old female) last night. Of course, we’re all in love. But THAT was exactly why I needed Phil and Karen to be knowledgeable/reputable breeders and business people — i.e. I don’t know how to tell an excellent Dane puppy from one that isn’t. They all look adorable to us. My brother is a vet in North Carolina. He gave me HIS advice about the breed and ways to scrutinize breeders. When i talked to other breeders, no on was living up to my brother’s standards. Honestly, I was wondering if he was setting the bar too high. Then I found Phil. When he called me back (within just a couple minutes), he was very friendly and obviously passionate about his dogs. But during our un-rushed conversation, he independently hit upon ALL of the points that my brother had covered (without me even needing to ask). This instilled GREAT confidence in his expertise and his dogs. Then customer service took over. 🙂 Karen and Phil accommodated my entire family in their home at 7 pm. We spent as much time as we needed picking our Ripley. And both shared lots of stories and advice. We left with the newest member of our family, feeling sure that we were bringing home an EXCELLENT dog from THE BEST BREEDER. THAT is a great feeling. Thank you.

jeff wheelock | Apr 29, 2015 12:41 PM
June 12, 2018

Above And Beyond

I purchased 2 puppies from Karen and Phil; 1 male and 1 female and I cannot tell you what an amazing experience it was. Not only were they incredibly knowledgeable, but they sent me pictures from birth to before I picked them up. Everything they say on their website is TRUE! They go above and beyond to be there for their customers and I will definitely come back to them if I want another puppy! I keep in touch with them often and you don’t get that from many breeders. Phil and Karen are definitely professional, honest and their puppies have a stellar pedigree! Thanks you guys! 🙂 ErinErin Mills said on Apr 25, 2015 12:51 PM

Erin Mills | Apr 25, 2015 12:51 PM
June 12, 2018

Pleasant And Positive Experience

My name is Jerryl Lowe,ll, my family and I met Phil and Karen Young several weeks ago while pursuing a family dream of owning another Great Dane. The Young’s were very prompt in responding to a message I left on their voicemail requesting information about their Great Dane puppies. Phil called me back within 30 to 45 min. and he was generous with his time and me on the phone discussing their love for their dogs and their experience in breeding these beautiful dogs. After speaking with Phil and getting some valuable information from him I felt very comfortable dealing with the Young’s. They always return my phone calls and answer all my questions without reservation. We were able to place a deposit on one of their recent litters (Dakota) and they invited us out to her home to see their dogs and to visit with our puppy when he was approximately 4 weeks old. I was very pleasantly surprised upon meeting them in person and was awestruck by the quality of their Great Danes. My family and I were able to visit with all of the Great Danes and we were just taken back by how big, beautiful, and majestic they were. The Sire Mojave is a very, very large, and magnificent. They were all very well behaved and my children could not stop talking about them after we left their home. On April 18, 2015 my wife and daughter were able to drive to Conroe, Texas to pick up our Great Dane puppy whose name is Adonis. So far the experience has been amazing and he is a great puppy who is very playful and loving. He has quickly adjusted to his surroundings and loves playing with our little dog named Asia. He is a stunning puppy who has huge paws, a big blocky head, striking lines, and is a spitting image of both of his parents. He is absolutely going to be a gorgeous and very large Great Dane once he is fully grown. I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a Great Dane puppy to contact PKY Danes. I promise you will not find a more knowledgeable and loving couple whose dogs are their pride and joy. It’s very apparent that their dogs are their family and not a business on the side to make money. All the dogs were well-maintained, very happy, and very playful. I was very impressed with their home, and how they arranged it to accommodate their Great Danes. Since receiving our puppy from the Young’s I have called them several times and e-mailed them as well to ask questions about our dog. Every time I contacted them they always return my phone call and or e-mail and always let me know that I am able to contact them at any time. I feel like that we not only received a great puppy from the Young’s, but we also gained new friends in the process. I cannot say enough about the Young’s and how they treated our family and ensured that we had a pleasant and positive experience purchasing a Great Dane puppy. I can’t say enough about Phil and Karen to do them any justice, so please do yourself a favor and call them if you’re looking to do business with professionals who treat you like family and not another customer. Once again if you are looking for a high quality Great Dane puppy look no further than PKY Danes!!!! Sincerely, Jerryl W. Lowe, II

Jerryl W. Lowe, ll | Apr 21, 2015 4:11 PM
June 12, 2018

What An Awesome Experience

Greetings Karen and Phil, What an awesome experience we had today. You cannot know the blessing that it was for us to sit in the presence of the Royalty of youre beautiful Danes!!!! I know it will take time for the grief of loosing our Patches but I know that he is in Heaven with our Lord. I fell deeply in love with Ms. Savannah. I was enamoured by Domino and could not believe how similar her ways were to my Patches. We talked about it all the way home. I was much comforted by being in her presence. Ellie had control of it all and never broke a sweat about it. She is certainly leadership personified!! All of the dogs were incredible. We both needed a monster sized dose of Dane love and that is just what we received. There are no words to describe Mojave!! My husband travels the world over in his work and has never seen so grand an animal. I have had danes in my life for 46 years and have never seen so grand a Gentleman. WOW !!!. My husband had no problem agreeing to a second Baby Boy from Domino once we get Ellie’s son on his way. I can rest tonight knowing that my Lord has truly Blessed me and Eddie by placing you all in our lives. Thank you and may the Lord bless you both and your Babies. May every need that you have be met and your Dane family and Children be Blessed. We will keep in touch. Grateful, Beverly and Eddie

beverly and eddie |n Apr 12, 2015 7:28 PM
June 12, 2018

Beautiful Great Danes!

Phil and Karen breed beautiful Great Danes! We picked up our beautiful Merle Female Reggie and she is just full of love and puppy playfulness. She is now 4 and half months old and growing so fast! Reggie is such a blessing and I just want to thank Phil and Karen because anything you need, they will take care of it professionally. You have nothing to worry about breeding from them. I saw their website while I was deployed in Afghanistan and they contact with me the whole.time and updated me with pictures and took care of me and answered all my questions. Thank you

June 12, 2018

We Highly Recommend

Your name: Kimberly Lott-Castleberry Your email address *: [email protected] Enter your message: My spouse, Clarence and I would be petless today if it was not for Phil and Karen not only helped us become aware of how to chose a GD that fits the needs of our family of 4 sons and my disability; but their unique perspective of this magnificent breed made us want one even more. I can’t tell you how many times we called out of shear desperation with unanswered questions where their openness and honest answers again came to our aid in making the final decision to adopt rather than purchase one of their pups when we were not able to afford it at that time. WHICH WAS THE WISEST DECISION! MADE AND COMING FROM EXPERT BREEDERS LIKE PKY DANES SPOKE VOLUMES to anyone like us who just wanted to find their forever pet. And we finally got our DREAM DANE over 6 months ago; from the advice they gave me every time I called them. May God continue to bless their marriage, family, finances, peace of mind, well being and of course their gorgeous Danes and pups for years to come That said, although we have one dane; one day soon–just to continue the love, respect and support that we have for your business; we are going to purchase a pup from here and we highly recommend to any one that you will never go wrong getting your next forever pup from PKY DANES IN CONROE, TX!!!!

kimberly lott-castleberry | Mar 14, 2015 3:48 AM
June 12, 2018

Serious Great Dane Lovers

Phil and Karen thank you both for being such a Godsent to me and my family. if it wasn’t for your knowledge and expertise about this breed, our family would be without a pet in our home to share this amazing journey with. Every time I called and was desperate for answers–you were at my beck and call you were honest, open and very sincere in your expertise about finding the right puppy that would fit our family’s needs and my disability. And your suggestions were exactly on point because we found our DREAM Dane over 6 months from the information that you gave us. And for that; we thank you, we bless you and we highly recommend Pky Danes for serious greatdane lovers like oursekves to PLEASE purchase a pup today because with PKY DANES IN CONROE TEXAS you can never go wrong with their expertise; knowledge; honesty and integrity in making sure you pick the best furever pet for your money!!!

Clarence and Clarence | Mar 14, 2015 1:33 AM
June 12, 2018

No Better Combination Than This Breed And These Breeders. Period.

We have a black female from the most recent litter. Her name is Keiko (blessing or chrysanthemum in Japanese), and she is an absolute doll. I have rescued Danes over the years, but this was my first purchase. I was in contact with two other breeders prior to finding Phil and Karen. There is a necessary level of passion associated with both breeding and rescue it seems, but that can be pathological (in my experience) with some. NOT the case with Phil and Karen. They are both very down to earth, open, honest, and genuinely care about their pups as well as the prospective and current owners. We have had a few questions along the way, reached out, and had immediate and salient responses from them. They are professional, prompt, and supportive. Highly recommend without reservation. If you are considering a Dane but are unsure, you cannot find a more intelligent, loving, gentle breed anywhere. We have had her less than two weeks and she is crate trained and almost house trained. No better combination than this breed and these breeders. Period.

Donovan and Rhona | Jan 31, 2015 10:26 AM
June 12, 2018

Look No Further

After years of going back and forth trying to decide if we wanted to become parents we finally made the commitment. My husband has always wanted a Great Dane. I did not know much about the breed so I began my research. Somehow by a miracle I came across the website for PKY Danes. Phil and Karen are so open and available. We have never purchased a pure bred dog so I did not know what to expect. For them, the relationship does not end with the sale. Pebbles, our beautiful female harlequin, is just gorgeous. She has changed our life in a wonderful way. Phil and Karen’s devotion to their puppies and staying in touch with the new owners speaks volumes. The puppy pack and the knowledge they share with you so that you go home as prepared as you can is invaluable. The fact they want to be one on one with you for your adoption so they can spend individual time getting you acquainted with your puppy really showed us how devoted they were as breeders. Their knowledge of the breed and information about what to expect really helped us as new parents. If you are looking for a beautiful Great Dane you should look no further. Stop here like we did. You won’t be disappointed. You will not only adopt one of their puppies but you will gain new friends. So glad our paths crossed and I know you are only a phone call away. We love Pebbles and think she is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!

Trilby and Michael Foster | Jan 26, 2015 10:10 PM
June 12, 2018

Most Gorgeous Great Danes We’ve Ever Seen

We don’t have the adequate words for how thankful we are to Phil and Karen! Not only did we receive one of the most gorgeous Great Danes we’ve ever seen, Phil and Karen were so generous in their knowledge of the breed. They were very kind and patient with us, and were so welcoming when we went to pick our puppy up. You would be hard pressed to find a better breeder than PKY Danes!

Cara&Emily | Jan 23, 2015 11:37 PM
June 12, 2018

Can’t Say Enough Good Things

I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Karen and Phil at PKY Danes! 100% positive! From the very beginning of our search for a puppy it was obvious to us that they would be the breeder we chose, before we even knew of the gorgeous animals they produce. Their professionalism and reliability was apparent in the prompt return of information and the enthusiam with which they provided it. Phil and Karen show such passion for the breed and love for the animals that are their family. We were AMAZED when they invited us to come and meet the dogs, welcoming us to their home, before we ever comfirmed our purchase of a future puppy. Their knowledge is extensive and their willingness to support your puppy experience goes above and beyond, even after you take your puppy home. Milo is our harlequin female; beautiful, intelligent and personable. She is such a joy to us. Thank you Phil and Karen! We will definitely be repeat customers!

Sandy | Dec 4, 2014 9:47 PM
June 12, 2018

Experience With You Guys Was Amazing!

Just wanted to thank you guys so much for giving us are wonderful HUGE boy Apollo! He is getting so big and weighing 50lbs at 4months! He is too smart for his own good sometimes! Just wanted to let you know our experience with you guys was amazing! You have really helped us through the first couple weeks with him and always answered my phone calls when I had hundreds of questions with our very first Dane Apollo! 🙂 You guys really are awesome! We loved the puppy pack, had lots of goodies! We’ve already recommended yall to somone who fell in love with Apollo! 🙂 Thanks again!

Rita | Oct 1, 2014 4:52 PM
June 12, 2018

A Breeder That Exemplified Honesty And Integrity

I am a Dane breeder and have been researching a breeder that exemplified honesty and integrity…Karen and Phil are amazing. I brought my female Harlequin to breed with Mo (AKA Mojave). Knowing how special Sadie (my Dane) is to me,they spent a lot of time on the phone and through emails getting to know me and my family. When I arrived in Conroe, they welcomed me into their home and made sure that Sadie and Mo got to know one another and got along; they never once left throughout the process and I can’t say enough about Mojave. He is HUGE and VERY intimidating; however, after he got to know me, was the sweetest guy ever. He was just as kind to Sadie (who was on his “turf). Phil and Karen are amazing with their dogs….they are part of the family. Their home is well maintained and it is obvious that they are NOT in this business for the money, but for the love of the breed. I could go on and on, but I will just say, that now knowing Phil and Karen I would purchase a puppy from them in a second and gladly bring ANY of my females to their home to breed with Mojave. Thanks again you guys for all your kindness and support! ~Erin

Erin Mills | Sep 23, 2014 9:25 AM
June 12, 2018

Bella AKA “Bones” Is Doing Great

Hi Phil and Karen! Just want to let you know Bella aka “Bones” is doing great. She has received so much love from your family so I feel like she has a little bit of a hard transition at her new home. But no worries!! We also love her very much and we’re doing our best to make her feel welcomed and loved. She’s making progress everyday and started to open up to us. It’s such a great feeling to watch her play in the backyard. Thanks for your advices and support as this is our first dane and we don’t know very much about this breed. And of course you made it very clear that we can contact you anytime if we have any question. We really appreciate that.

Thuy and Sam | Sep 9, 2014 5:13 AM
June 12, 2018

Hudson Is Doing Fantastic!

Hey guys! Hudson is doing fantastic! I have attached a couple of pics for you to see. We bought him a big purple bean bag chair and he loves it! Outside he sits on top of my marble coffee table! Pics of both attached. We have started making him his own food and when Rick travels I take him to Happy Hounds so he gets to run and play with multiple dogs while I am at work. We just love him. He loves his toys and balls especially. He can tear through a tennis ball in no time flat!! Thank you so very much for bringing him into our lives. He walked with me the first time around the block without crutches or ca

Kim | Aug 13, 2014 3:44 AM
June 12, 2018

Your New Video Is Great!

Phil and Karen, Your new video is great! Mojave’s is just gorgeous. And my wonderful Ellie is too. Thanks Pat

Pat Strole | Jun 29, 2014 10:08 AM
June 12, 2018

Amazing Breeders… Amazing People!

Phil and Karen are not only amazing breeders but amazing people! They were so helpful throughout the whole process of welcoming our first Great Dane to our family. They let us come visit our beautiful little girl whenever we wanted during the long 8 week wait to bring her home! They really made us feel well prepared to welcome this gentle giant into our home. The puppy pack they sent us home with was amazing! I can’t go on enough about how wonderful they are and their love for these dogs is so evident. We will definitely be getting another dane from them in the future! Thank you, Phil and Karen!

Brittney and Burgundy | Mar 23, 2014 2:45 PM
June 12, 2018

Astounding, Off The Chart 100!

This review is a long time coming! If rating my experience with Phil and Karen on a scale from 1 to 10, they are an astounding, off the chart 100! Believe me the hyperbole is well deserved. From the very first time I spoke with Phil and Karen, their enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge, and love for their great danes was amazingly apparent. One of the things I love best about them is that danes are not paychecks; they are beloved members of the family! All of their danes, big and small, are loved every minute of their lives. This does not stop after the puppies go to their forever homes, as Phil and Karen like updates and pictures! Also, not only did they answer my questions and provide excellent information anytime, but we became great friends while watching the babies grow. (I adopted a dane and they adopted me lol!) I spent hours on the phone with Phil and Karen, sent tons of emails, and always received pictures and updates! From the puppy food, to the amazingly priced crate, to the vet care, and awesome puppy pack, and more, they have you covered! Also check out that health guarantee! Koda (aka the love of my life), came from Ellie and Mojave’s November litter, and I picked him up just before Christmas. He has literally been the best puppy I have ever had! He is a healthy, happy, big boy, who absolutely loves everything about life! Since Koda is going to be a therapy dog, temperament was an important factor. Just as Karen and Phil assured me, he has his mama’s sweet disposition and daddy’s stunning good looks! Potty training, socialization, and obedience training were ridiculously easy tests Koda has already aced! (Important for is National Service Animal Registration certification, but also for apartment living with a law school student)! I realize this is a long review, even though I cut some of it short; but I cannot say enough good things about PKY Danes. I’m assuming that since you are reading this review that you have checked out the amazing website, so to summarize: Phil and Karen, and the PKY Danes experience are hands-down the best! If you go anywhere else, not to sound judgmental, but you’re crazy! If you ever want to use me as a reference, and ask me about my experience shoot me an email at: [email protected]! I swear I will definitely be back for my next dane! Thanks for everything Phil and Karen, (and Ellie and Mo of course)!

Jennifer Wells | Feb 1, 2014 2:16 PM
June 12, 2018

Beyond Our Expectations!

Phil & Karen we want to thank you for producing such loveable Great Danes! We love (Abby) our new puppy we picked up on 24 Dec.2014. She’s such a pleasure to watch as she gets bigger with each day. Her blue eyes are just beautiful as is her coloring! She’s enriched our lives beyond our expectations!! Thanks again ya’ll! 🙂

Gary & Linda A.| Jan 20, 2014 4:20 PM
June 12, 2018

So Happy That I Chose PKY Danes

I am so happy that I chose PKY Danes to purchase my first great dane! Phil and Karen were both so generous with their time and their knowledge. I had so many questions when I first contacted them about possibly purchasing a great dane and they were both so reassuring and honest with all the information they provided me. Not only did they breed my puppy but they also provided many of the necessities I would have needed such as first vet visits and micro chipping. My Little Lucius has been such a blessing and I can’t thank them enough for opening their home to me in the wee small hours of the morning, providing me all the information I need to raise my little guy, and for even being there now if I have any questions or concerns. Do not choose anyone else to purchase your first or next great dane! You cannot go wrong with PKY Danes!

Kim P | Jan 18, 2014 1:34 PM
June 12, 2018

Anyone Thinking of Getting A Puppy

I am so thankful that I learned about you both and the wonderful Danes that you have. Having Cian with me helps to fill the void left in my heart after losing my last Dane. He is snuggling next to me as I type this note but won’t be long before he will not fit on the love seat anymore. So far my other little one has more interest in the chew toy I bought for Cian but I know she will get more comfortable being around him with time. Thank you for accommodating my travel plans to come pick him up. I was proud that mom Ellie came out to greet me and seemed to indicate that I will do as Cian’s new mom. I appreciate all the info you gave from your many years of successful breeding along with the puppy packet and vet information. Anyone thinking of getting a puppy from you in the future should rest assured that the health and well being of your dogs and the ones you bring into this world are your utmost priority and it shows in the quality of the pup that brings me and all who have dealt with you such joy. Best wishes in all your future endeavors. It is a comfort knowing you are available for any questions in bringing up my new pup.

Connie | Jan 5, 2014 12:20 PM
June 12, 2018

Excellent Throughout The Entire Process

Our experience with PKY Danes was excellent throughout the entire process of getting our beautiful, sweet girl (Vivian). Phil and Karen are extremely knowledgable and provided answers to any questions that we had. We couldn’t be happier with our new addition to our family. Thanks Phil and Karen.

Jay & Amy W | Jan 3, 2014 5:37 PM
June 12, 2018

We LOVED The Puppy Pack!

Hi Phil and Karen! John and I would like to thank you both. We can tell that you love your animals and you invest in them a lot of time and care. We LOVED the puppy pack! It was so thoughtful. We are so happy to have done business with you. Jack is doing great! He’s getting tons of love attention. We’re working on potty training and he’s doing well so far. You were right, this pups got a lot of personality! He follows me all over the house and seems to be okay in his crate as long as he can see or hear one of us near him. That’s still a work in progress. We bought him a nice memory foam doggy bed and he took to it immediately. No problem getting him to sleep! I did mean to ask you when he is due for his next round of vaccines. And at what age you recommend getting his stomach tacked and having him neutered? Again, we are so happy to have Jack as a new addition to the family. Thank you! -Lucy and John

Lucy and John | Dec 31, 2013 4:21 PM
June 12, 2018

Kind, Informative, And Patient

Dear Karen and Phil, A friend advised me to only deal with A.K.C. registered breeders. I will always be so grateful for her advice! From the first communication, you both have been so kind, informative, and patient. Since this is our first foray into purchasing a pedigree puppy, we had many questions! However, you always answered our questions in a prompt and courteous manner. During our first face to face meeting, you both made sure we were aware of just what’s involved in having a large breed dog. Also, one can tell that your Danes are truly much loved pets. Their care and quality of life are your upmost concerns! We really enjoyed meeting several of the puppies from both Ellie’s and Dakota’s November litters. Our biggest issue was trying to decide on which puppy we wanted because they are all so precious! Once we chose our beautiful Clio, you kept us updated about her progress while we waited to get her. We are so happy to have our sweet girl! She is a beauty-inside and out! She is healthy and gorgeous with a vivacious personality. Clio is very vocal, like her “mama”, which we absolutely adore! Our Chihuahua, Tuffy, thinks he has a new toy! 🙂 Their playtime is usually more entertaining than prime time TV! Thanks again for all the time and energy you both invested to make our experience so wonderful! Pete and Leah Wilcox December 30, 2013

Pete and Leah Wilcox | Dec 30, 2013 8:40 PM
June 12, 2018

Very Committed And Trustworthy

My husband and I contacted Phil and Karen in hopes of finding the perfect Dane puppy. We are experienced Dane owners and were looking for very specific characteristics. After many emails and videos we chose our beloved Raven. She has captured our hearts and those all around her. Her temperament is laid back yet playful. She was immediately embraced by our family pack. Raven was one of the last three in Ellie’s Spring ’13 litter. Our vet confirmed that she was very well bred and healthy. She truly is a beautiful Dane!!! Phil and Karen, as mentioned time and again, are very experienced and knowledgeable in all matters concerning their Danes. They answer all questions and are very thorough in preparing the paperwork needed for each puppy before leaving. The T-shirts and shoulder bags with Mojave and Ellie’s pictures on them were awesome! I often find myself marveling at the resemblance between Raven and her sire. Her head shape and the ridge down her nose drawls attention from everyone. The health of our Great Dane is of upmost importance to us. In my opinion, Phil and Karen are very committed and trustworthy breeders. Thank you PKY Danes

Carrie D. | Oct 12, 2013 1:33 PM
June 12, 2018

Hands Down Best Experience

Hands down best experience in buying a new puppy! Phil and Karen are very knowledgeable about their dogs and the breed! Our new baby is by far the best dog we have ever owned, vet is in love with her! She was a breeze to crate train, and hasn’t had a accident in weeks. She already knows her basic commands- this is our first great dane, but definitely not our last! I know we will be coming back to pky! Phil was even nice enough to call AAA when I locked my keys in the car, and used his own membership 🙂 thanks again guys! We love our sweet girl!

Elizabeth | Jul 18, 2013 4:51 PM
June 12, 2018

All Of Your Dogs Are Very Beautiful !

Phil it was an honor looking at yours and Karen’s web page. All of your dogs are very beautiful ! However, after speaking with you this afternoon and evaluating what would be best for a large breed puppy or a puppy in general, I am a student working swing shifts and would not be able to provide time needed for bonding and training. I will keep you and your danes in mind for future puppy purchasing. Thank you so much for your time !

minni lee | Jul 1, 2013 5:33 PM
June 12, 2018

We Absolutely Love Gunner

We picked up our puppy on June 7th. We absolutley love Gunner. Phil and Karen were very welcoming and provided great advice and knowledge. We were very nervous since this was our first great dane and they both shared advice and gave us helpful tips. Phil and Karen still check-in even though it has been over a month since Gunner has come home. We will definitley go back when we are ready for our next dane!

Alyssa & Chris | Jul 1, 2013 1:28 PM
June 12, 2018

Feel Like I Hit The Jackpot

I picked up my beautiful puppy on May 8th and she has been a delight ever since. She is so smart and well behaved as well as healthy. My vet is just in love with her. I couldn’t ask for a better great dane puppy. In addition, I couldn’t have asked for more knowledgeable breeders. It’s so clear that they are concerned about their dogs and the puppies they produce. I really feel like I hit the jackpot.

Jeane C. | Jun 23, 2013 6:35 PM
June 12, 2018

Extremely Knowledgeable And Helpful

We were lucky enough to get the red ribbon Male Merlequin from Phil and Karen Young. We had been searching for a healthy great Dane pup for quite a while and had spoken with breeders both within and outside of Texas. But I am happy to say that we received a prompt response regarding our query from Mr. & Mrs. Young. For our first visit we had only planned to visit the pups and view the Dam and Sire but once we got there we felt even more confident about our decision to take the lovely pup home the same day. The Young’s were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, they recommended a couple of very good vets to us for after “Taos” came home with us. I really liked the idea that I was able to view a video of the pups on the website before we planned our visit. This really helped us to make our decision in what we were looking for in a pup. I would say Mojave, Ellie, and Dakota are the strongest and healthiest Danes that I have ever come across. We are very confident about the pedigree of our lovely new pup after having a look at the mom and dad. The Young’s were extremely patient with us, explained every detail to us regarding the micro chipping, AKC registration, health, feeding & training before we left and have since offered constant support to us. Taos is very well behaved and did not exhibit much anxiety once he left his parents, he was very well mannered in the car and did not create any ruckus which was amazing to see considering he was traveling with strangers in a strange environment all the way to Sugar Land. He has since started adapting to his new home surroundings very quickly, he has already learned to go out into the yard and follow us back in once done. I really appreciated the fact the Young’s informed us about any unnecessary expenses we may face at the vet and helped us pick out a great vet close to the Sugar Land area. We also saved a lot of money by taking their recommendation on buying our crate from Tractor Supply instead of going to a typical pet store. We would have never even thought of it, had they not recommended it. We also have an adult female cat in our home who under any circumstance would never tolerate any other cat let alone a dog, but we are surprised to see how she has taken up in being with the same room as Taos. He is not aggressive towards her at all and has gone over and tried to introduce himself to her once or twice. Knowing our lovely Bijou for six long years, her demeanor towards him is surprising and I would credit this to his gentle nature. Karen and Phil are extremely dedicated to what they do for their pets, they have extensive knowledge about great Danes and their behavior. Considering we are first time Dane parents we feel blessed to have come across such a loving couple and would highly recommend them, just by talking with them you can tell about their passion for Danes. We will be more than happy to provide you with a reference if you are looking for a lovely Dane, please feel free to speak with us regarding our experience anytime. Our drive from Sugar Land started out as a trial run to just go and talk with the Young’s but we felt so confident after we spoke with them that we decided to bring home our lovely pup. We look forward to visiting Phil & Karen and the lovely Danes once Taos grows up. Thank you again for this lovely experience, you have blessed us with Taos! 🙂 Varinder & D in Sugarland, Texas our contact is [email protected] we will be more than happy to share our experience with you.

Varinder & D from Sugar Land | Jun 19, 2013 0:11 AM
June 12, 2018

Friendly, Knowledgeable Breeders

Phil and Karen are very friendly, knowledgeable breeders. I could tell the sire and dam were very well taken care of and both in excellent health. They had already started on crate training so it was an easy transition for both me and the puppy. They also provided all the information on microchip, registration, an shot record and were very professional. I would highly recommend there puppies to anyone.

chris c. | May 12, 2013 5:22 PM
June 12, 2018

Absolutely Wonderful!

Phil and Karen were absolutely wonderful! They were both very knowledgeable and from the moment we began to communicate, I could tell that they were very passionate and were more interested in sharing the love they get from Great Danes with everyone else. Our puppy is a hunk just like his poppa Mojave! They are always just an email or call away, I highly recommend their services because they are the best.

Andy C. | May 9, 2013 9:27 PM
June 12, 2018

Wonderful Experience

We had a wonderful experience with Phil and Karen on getting our new member of the family! He is the absolute best puppy we have had to train. Karen worked with them and it is helping the training process right along, so we couldn’t be happier on that! He is such a beautiful puppy and very sweet and lovable. Our vet even feel in love with his attitude and thought he was the sweetest! Not to mention he is in great health and there were no problems. Everything else was great from start till we got our new edition. They are very informative and will help in anyway they can, which made it an easy and smooth experience. I would recommend PKYDanes to anyone that wants great quality Danes! Thanks again for all the help!!

M'lissa and James Watson | May 9, 2013 12:13 PM
June 12, 2018

I Couldn’t Be More Pleased

PKYDanes not only helped us select the ideal Dane, but truly got the importance that we were adding a new member to our family. From start to finish, I couldn’t be more pleased. From the time on the phone and email, to the several visits made to visit the pups and make some necessary introductions for some of our children – this couple has a great thing going and is an asset for all looking to bring a Dane into their home. With a houseful of young children, Phil & Karen recognized that selecting the right fit was crucial for us – and they made every effort to familiarize my children with not only our puppy, but what this beautiful animal would one day become. Watching my girls with “grandma” (Ellie) was amazing. Of course, her size was impressive on its own – but the gentle nature expressed from such a large animal was the most impressive. Having the “grown-ups” (Both parents, and maternal grandmother) there was important to me. New to Danes, I was eager to learn about the breed, and hear their stories while witnessing the love they feel for their Danes. A puppy mill this is NOT! 🙂 Zelly (Zelda von Margarejro) – named by our family in the most interesting election – is a fantastic pup. Not only is she gorgeous and has beautiful lines, but received a clean bill of health from the vet at her initial checkup. We are extremely pleased with our experience. Phil & Karen have been fantastic all along the way. We look forward to many years with the newest member of our family. Thank you PKYDanes!

Rebecca B. | May 6, 2013 11:19 AM
June 12, 2018

Beautiful, Healthy Great Danes

Phil and Karen are friendly, knowledgeable breeders of beautiful, healthy Great Danes. We were able to meet the Sire & Dam of our puppy and were impressed with its environment. They had also already started the crate training of our girl, so there was no heartbreaking crying during the night – such a relief! We had a wonderful experience with them, and I highly recommend them when looking for the next member of your family.

Angela C. | May 5, 2013 8:33 PM
June 12, 2018

Recommend Them To Anyone!

We had the most wonderful experience with PKYDanes and would absolutely recommend them to ANYONE! Phil and Karen are extremely knowledgeable and experienced as well as friendly and welcoming! They treat you as family and are genuinely willing and want to help in any way possible. Our new puppy is absolutely gorgeous and amazingly well behaved! We have already gotten so many compliments on her demeanor and build. She fits right in with our family and is absolutely adored! I would highly recommend PKYDanes if you are interested in purchasing a quality and beautiful Dane!

Rebecca Ray | May 5, 2013 3:40 PM
June 11, 2018