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With purchasing a puppy from PKYDanes, I have read and agree to all terms in this contract.

In the event the BUYER is unable to keep the puppy for any reason, the BUYER agrees that the puppy will not be sold, given away, or taken to a shelter or rescue facility. The BUYER agrees to immediately contact the sellers Karen Young or Kristen Sami, P.K.Y Danes, at 1-936-628-4114 and make arrangements to return the puppy/adult back to the breeder without financial restitution, with the AKC registration. We reserve the right to reclaim the said dog in the event of neglect and or any type of abuse. No reimbursement will be rendered.

Buyers printed name….._______________________________________

Buyers Signature……____________________________________

Sellers printed name……Karen Young & Kristen Sami

Sellers Signature……____________________________________