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The holidays are just around the corner and with the holidays come holiday feasts. Turkeys and hams, cookies and pies, fresh bread and casseroles are all on the menu. We, humans, love to break bread with friends and family during the holidays and our Great Danes can’t help but get excited at all the hustle and bustle, the coming and going of new faces, and most of all, the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen.

While the holidays are a time for giving and sharing, we have to be discerning with the foods we share with Fido. That is not to say that you have to disappoint your Dane when they politely ask for a holiday treat. It just means that of all those wonderful foods that are associated with your holiday feast, some are good for your Dane and others are not. We are here to guide you in giving and sharing with your Great Dane during the holidays.

Meat – Yes | Bones – No

There is nothing quite like the smell of a 12 lb turkey roasting in the oven and you would be a fool to think that your Great Dane does not notice that enticing scent. Dogs love meat and it is hard to resist those puppy dog eyes when they are staring longingly at a freshly carved bird.

Luckily for you and your Dane, there is nothing wrong with offering your buddy a few slices of turkey provided it is not prepared with garlic or high in sodium. What we don’t want to share with Fido are the bones from the turkey (or any other meat).

Bones might seem like a great treat for your dog and we all can conjure up images of a dog and his bone, but the reality is that bones (especially poultry bones) can be very dangerous for dogs. Bones can splinter in your Dane’s mouth causing cuts on the inside of the mouth. Splintered bones can be swallowed posing a choking problem or intestinal blockage.

Green Beans – Yes | Green Bean Casserole – No

These days it seems no holiday feast is complete without a piping hot green bean casserole. This wonderful concoction is surely a holiday favorite! Unfortunately, most green bean casserole recipes call for onions and garlic and those are both big no-nos for Fido.

Garlic and onion are both toxic for dogs whether cooked, raw, powdered or dried you should never give these foods to your dog. But, just because your Great Dane can not enjoy the green bean casserole, it does not mean that they can’t enjoy the green beans.

In fact, green beans are one of the healthiest snacks you can give to your Great Dane. They are rich in protein and fiber and are packed with vitamins and minerals. Fresh green beans are best, but if you are using canned beans be sure that they are low in sodium and have no added flavors or spices.

Pumpkin – Yes | Pumpkin Pie – No

Pumpkin is a fiber-rich food that also contains important vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, E, and C, and potassium and iron. In moderate quantities, pumpkin can be a great holiday treat for your Great Dane.

Pumpkin pie, on the other hand, is not a good choice for a scooby snack. High sugar content, yeast, and certain spices like nutmeg can be very detrimental to your Dane’s health. Add some puree pumpkin to their evening meal but skip the pumpkin pie dessert.

Boiled Eggs – Yes | Deviled Eggs – No

Who doesn’t like a deviled egg during the holidays? Well, while eating your deviled egg you may find your Great Dane staring at you with a bit of drool hanging off his lips. That is because most dogs love eggs and while you shouldn’t share your deviled egg with your Great Dane, there is nothing wrong with a plain boiled egg.

While mayonnaise, mustard, and paprika are definitely not good for your dog, boiled eggs certainly are. Boiled eggs are packed with protein, easy on the stomach, and contain essential amino and fatty acids. Put a couple of those boiled eggs aside for Fido. Just don’t put the devil in them.

Bowser Beer – Yes | Human Beer – No

Many dogs love the taste of beer, but alcohol (even in small amounts) can be dangerous for Fido. A dog’s liver is not equipped to process alcohol the same way a human liver is. This, coupled with their relatively smaller size means that dogs are prone to alcohol poisoning which can be deadly.

Of course, as an alternative, you can give them good old fashioned water, bland but safe. The other alternative is “Bowser Beer”. Dog beers are now being offered from several brewers with Bowser Beer being one of the first. According to their website:

“Bowser Beer is a beer formulated just for dogs. Made in the USA with real human-grade beef, chicken or pork, it has no added salt or fat. Combined with malt barley which contains vitamin B and amino acids, and glucosamine to promote healthy joints, you have a delicious brew that is healthy and nutritious. We care about our pets as much as you do, so there is never alcohol, carbonation, or hops in Bowser Beer. “

Huh? Who knew?

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