Adult Danes For Sale

We currently have four adult Danes that are available for the right home. These Danes have been part of our family for years and we would very much love for them to stay. Unfortunately, it is time for them to retire and move on to another loving home where they can live out their retirement in comfort and relaxation. If you are interested in bringing one of these gentle giants into your home as a loving family member, please contact us for more information.



Mason is 100% European. He comes from color pure lines, as well as champion lines. This beautiful solid blue boy is one of our most popular sires! A Polish import with great conformation and temperament, Mason will make a ‘great’ addition to a loving home.


Sierra H

100% European. Beautifully marked female Harlequin. Sierra is a direct import from Serbia. Sierra’s father, Adagio is a gorgeous well-marked Harlequin and her mother is a beautiful Black. Sierra will make a great addition to the right home!


Sierra B

Our beautiful, 100% European, color-pure Blue! Imported from Hungary, Sierra is a gorgeous female from championship lines She is the perfect addition to a loving family!



Brutus is the son of Mason and Delite. A beautiful steel-blue Dane from two exceptional parents. Brutus is going on three years of age and is very sweet. He knows to sit, stay, place, and load (into a vehicle) and he loves his humans. Brutus will make a great addition to a loving home!


        1. Hi Chastity,
          Please contact Kristen by text or phone @ 1-936-628-4114 for more information with regard to our adult Danes. She will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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