Why Do Great Danes Sit On Everything?

lap dane

They say if you do not want a lap dog, don’t get a Great Dane. To those unfamiliar with these gentle giants the idea seems counterintuitive. After all, why would anybody consider a 200 pound Great Dane to be a lap dog?

There are a few reasons why Great Danes seem so much more inclined to sit on the furniture, lay in the bed, or flop down on the nearest human lap they can find. Some you likely have guessed, especially if you have had a Great Dane in your life. Others may surprise you.

They Think They Are Puppies

The Great Dane seems to believe that he is a lap dog. While Great Danes are one of the larger breeds, they don’t believe that they are so big. In fact, for most of their lives they seem to think that they are still puppies and puppies sit on their humans all the time.

You will catch your Great Dane trying to squeeze himself into the smallest of pet beds, arm chairs, and human laps. It seems they have no idea how big they really are.

They Love You

This is a breed that loves to be around people and craves attention from their human friends.  They are sensitive dogs with big hearts, and all they want is to be close to the people they love. They love to sit on everything you sit on because it makes them feel more connected to you. Besides, the closer they are to you, the more likely they are to get a loving belly rub or back scratch.

They Missed You

If your Great Dane spends a lot of time alone during the day and spends the entire night sitting on your lap or laying beside you, it may be that they missed you. Great Danes are very sensitive animals and they very much need your attention. If they have not seen you for eight hours, they will want to spend the next eight hours as close to you as possible.

They May Be Cold

If you live in a cold climate, or keep your air conditioning set very low your Great Dane may be cold. The Great Dane’s short coat and low body fat do little to keep him warm. If you find your Great Dane cuddling excessively try covering him with a blanket, or knitting him a nice sweater.

The bottom line is, if you don’t want a lap dog don’t get a Great Dane. Their desire to be close to their humans, be it on your lap, your furniture, or hogging the bed at night does not end with puppyhood. For those who have a Great Dane in their life these seemingly odd behaviors are expected, accepted, and endearing.

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