Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Great Dane

Christmas Dane

Christmas is right around the corner and many of us are trying desperately to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list. If there are Great Danes on your list this year finding the perfect gift just got easier! Check out our these ‘great’ gift ideas for Great Danes!

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

Finally a dog bed that is specifically designed for Great Danes! The giant size Big Barker bed is 20 square feet of therapeutic bliss for your Great Dane! It is seven inches thick and filled with super supportive foam to ensure your Great Dane gets a great night’s rest!

While this bed is a little pricey, thousands of happy customers have rated it five stars and Great Danes the world over are experiencing the therapeutic benefits of a sound sleep!

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Whistle Pet TrackerWhistle Go Pet Tracker

Protective pet owners will love this GPS-enabled device for accurately pinpointing their pet’s whereabouts. Designate a home zone—a front yard or a whole neighborhood—and should Fido chase the mailman a few blocks too far, you’ll receive a text or email alert.  Quickly locate them with real-time GPS tracking using AT&T’s nationwide network and Google Maps..

The Whistle also helps your Dane stay fit; allowing you to set fitness goals based on breed, age, and weight. It tracks calories burned, distance traveled, minutes active and more. It’s a FitBit for Fido!

Check it out here.


Is your dog an Einstein or a Socialite? A Charmer or a Maverick? Don’t know? Dognition will sort it out. Using an online questionnaire and five science-based games, you can discover your canine’s cognitive style, helping you understand and connect with your companion in new ways. After all, “great relationships are built on more than bacon,” the site reminds us. Once you learn your dog’s learning style, Dognition can provide you with games and tips to help your pup prosper, and even refer you to behavior experts for training help.

doggy doorbellPet Chime Doggy Doorbell

Let your buddy tell you when he wants to go outside or come back indoors by training him to use this doggie doorbell from Lentek Koolatron. Place the paw-shaped wireless transmitter by the door and when your dog steps on it, the receiver chimes, cueing you to open the door. Worried it’s too late to teach your old dog new tricks? Follow the directions in the included training manual or watch how this guy trained his Goldendoodle to use it in about three weeks.


Show your pup some love all year round with this subscription service that sends a box of goodies to your dog’s doorstep each month—like BirchBox, but for dogs. Simply specify your dog’s size (Small & Cute, Just Right, or Big & Bold) and select a monthly plan to get started. Each box typically includes a curated mix of four to six toys, treats, and hygiene products, and best yet, 10 percent of BarkBox’s proceeds benefit dogs in need.

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