Preparing For Your Great Dane’s Arrival

Great Dane Puppy

You have just placed a deposit on a beautiful Great Dane puppy and you are counting the days until he or she is ready to come home. This is a very exciting time for you and your family and you want to be fully prepared for the big day! Here are some helpful tips for making the most of Coming Home Day:


There are many things you need to do to prepare for your new puppy’s arrival, so it is important to plan ahead. Do not wait until the last minute to start preparing. Great Danes have Dane-sized needs that you may find are more difficult to fulfill than your those of your typical puppy.


Your Great Dane will require regular veterinary care. From vaccinations and teeth cleanings to regular check-ups to ensure they remain healthy and happy. If you do not already have a trusted veterinarian, you should take the time to research providers in your area.

As a giant breed, Great Danes are predisposed to certain health problems and finding a veterinarian with giant breed experience will help ensure that these concerns are addressed during their visits to the vet.


Depending on where you live, you may be required by law to register your pet with the city or county. Research the pet registration requirements in your area and be sure to get your Great Dane registered if required. While there is likely a fee for registering your pet, it is undoubtedly far less than the fines for failing to do so.


A quality crate provides a safe place for your Dane to call their own and can make the transition to a new home easier. During the transition period, while your Dane is still learning (and likely breaking) the house rules, a crate can be a good way to keep him or her out of trouble when unsupervised.

When shopping for a crate it is important to remember that your Great Dane will grow fast and you will want a sturdy crate that can accommodate him or her as they grow. A well designed expandable crate can last a lifetime and offer safety and comfort for your Dane.


Great Danes are highly intelligent and eager to please, but without proper training your Great Dane can quickly become a Great Pain. Whether you intend to hire a professional trainer or tackle the training yourself, the key to Great Dane training is starting early.

If hiring a professional, do your research and look for trainers that have experience with Great Danes. Take the time to visit perspective training facilities and ask if you can sit in on a session or two. Remember, you will often be training alongside your Dane and you want to be comfortable with the person with whom you’ll be training.

If you are planning on training your Dane yourself you will want to research effective training techniques and purchase appropriate leashes, harnesses and other training tools. You will also need to schedule a regular time to commit to training and be willing and able to be there.


Great Dane puppies grow fast and they need balanced and nutritious food to fuel that growth. Ask your breeder about the foods your pup was raised on and consider sticking with the same food. If you prefer a different brand or type of food, having a short supply of their current food will make transitioning easier.

Whatever you choose to feed your new puppy, be sure that it is a high-quality food that meets all of their nutritional requirements and that you adhere to manufacturer or veterinary recommended quantities.


Great Dane puppies can be little balls of energy and having appropriate toys can help them expend that excess energy in non-destructive ways. Chew toys can help with teething and reduce anxiety for your puppy and Great Danes are known to grow attached to a favorite stuffed animal or plush toy.

Treats are often the most effective training tool for Great Danes. Ask your breeder or veterinarian for recommendations on nutritious treats for your Dane, so you will be prepared for training sessions and so you can reward good behaviors.


Bringing a new puppy home can be super exciting for you and your family, but before you let your new family member loose in your home it is important to ensure that the environment is safe. Puppies are naturally curious and there are many dangers lurking in the average home. Check out our handy guide to puppy proofing your home.

In addition to the precautions listed in the aforementioned article, you might also consider limiting access to certain areas of your home. Baby gates are an excellent way to contain your Dane and are easily removed as your Dane earns the right to roam more freely.


Great Danes are one some of the most loyal and loving dogs you will ever meet and want nothing more than to be loved back. Be prepared to spend time with your new puppy and show him or her how much you love them. The return on the love investment will astound you.

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