Vaccinating Your Great Dane

dane vaccinations


Vaccines for your Great Dane are much like the vaccines we humans receive when we are children. They work by introducing a small dose of a virus to the immune system, allowing it to develop antibodies that will ward off the disease in the future.

Vaccinations are important to protect your Great Dane from various common (often life threatening) illnesses, and to help prevent the spread of these diseases. Responsible pet owners should ensure that their pets are always up to date on their vaccinations. This helps ensure that your Dane stays happy and healthy, and that they are able to mingle with other dogs without getting infected or infecting others.


There are several vaccinations that are typically recommended for all puppies, and any adult dog with an unknown vaccination history. These core vaccines are designed to prevent several common canine illnesses such as adenovirus,  bordetella, distemper, parainfluenza, parvovirus,  and rabies.

It is important to note that in addition to these core vaccines, there are other non-core vaccines that your veterinarian may recommend for puppies based on their environment and individual risk factors.

Great Danes are no exception when it comes to core vaccines. Like most breeds, they require scheduled rounds of these core vaccinations. Optional vaccinations may be appropriate based on environment and predisposition. As with any medical decision regarding your four-legged friends, you should consult a trusted veterinarian prior to treatment.

A typical vaccination schedule for your Great Dane will likely include the following recommended (core) and optional (non-core) vaccinations:

Vaccination Schedule


Canine Distemper – This is a viral disease that is highly contagious. It affects a dog’s respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems. It is spread through contact with the urine or feces of an infected animal, or through the air. This disease can be fatal.

Infectious Canine Hepatitis (Adenovirus) – This is a viral disease that is spread by a dog coming in contact with an infected animals feces, urine or saliva. It affects the kidneys, the cells lining the blood vessels, and the liver.

Leptospirosis – This is an exceptionally contagious bacterial disease that can spread to your Dane if he came in contact with an infected animals urine, saliva or nasal secretions.

Parvovirus – A common and deadly viral infection among puppies. It is spread by dogs coming in contact with an infected dog’s feces, vomit or blood.

Parainfluenza – This is an extremely contagious virus that spreads quickly among dogs that are kept in close living conditions. This disease can seriously damage a dog’s respiratory system and lead to death.

Rabies – A deplorable disease that you’ve likely heard of when researching Great Dane care. This nasty illness attacks the dog’s central nervous system causing extreme pain, paralysis and death. Rabies is spread through the bite of an infected animal. There is no cure for Rabies. All dogs with rabies are euthanized.

Coronavirus – This is an extremely contagious viral infection that affects the gastrointestinal tract. Like many of the others, this disease is spread to a dog when he comes in contact with the blood, vomit or feces of an infected animal.

Bordetella – Common airborne bacterial infection that is usually spread to dogs when they are exposed to infected dogs at dog shows, field trials and in kennels.

Lyme Disease – This is a disease caused by a tick. It has various stages, and eventually attacks the major organs of the body and can lead to death.


Do not be afraid to ask your veterinarian when you have questions about particular vaccines and risk factors for your Great Dane. They are your best source of information and informed advice.

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