Keeping Our Community Pet Paws-itive


This article was originally published  in Life In 76247 Magazine – August 2019. It was authored by Cindy Chapman and includes an interview with Susan Edstrom. The beautiful Great Danes on the cover and in the article itself are courtesy of  Beau and Sara Brennan, members of the PKY Dane family.

Imagine coming home only to discover that your pet is missing. A door accidentally left ajar or a wide-open fence gate can be avenues to a dangerous adventure for our four-legged friends. What a helpless feeling knowing that your pet is not safe at home where they should be. Do you know what you would do?

For advice on how to handle a lost (or found) pet, we turned to our local pet expert, Susan Edstrom. Susan is a Trophy Club resident who is dedicated to our four-legged residents of 76262.

In 2012 Susan launched the Facebook page, Trophy Club, TX Animals – Reunite/Rescue/Rehome which helps connect lost pets with their owners. With the help of its over 5000 community members and Trophy Club Animal Control Officer, most pets in Trophy Club are successfully reunited with their owner within hours. In addition to her full-time job, Susan is chair of the Trophy Club Shelter Board and volunteers with the Humane Society of North Texas. She currently foster several kittens along with her own four dogs and two cats. There is no doubt that advocating for animals is a passion for Susan.

In the unfortunate event that your pet should become lost, Susan shares a few things you can do to help get your pet home safely.

  • Tag and microchip your pet
  • Register your pet with your local government (Both Trophy Club and Roanoke have a pet registration process. When Animal Control Officers recover a lost pet they use the pet’s description and cross streets where the pet was found to find the owner, especially when identification tags are missing.)
  • Let neighbors know via social media, or in person that you are looking for your pet and share a recent photo.

Should you happen to come across a pet without a home and are unable to locate the owner:

  • Report the animal to local Animal Control
  • Post on social media with a photo of the animal and description of area (cross streets) where found
  • Websites such as FreeTexasFlyer will create a found or lost flyer for you to post or print.

Here are just a few more ways to keep 76262 a pet-friendly community:

  • Have your pet spayed or neutered
  • Keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date
  • Obey community leash laws
  • Volunteer or donate to local animal shelters

[Want] to help, or need more information on where to adopt a pet?

  • Humane Society of North Texas –
  • Humane Tomorrow  | Flower Mound/Argyle –
  • Apollo Support and Rescue | Justin –
  • Saving Hope Animal Rescue | Fort Worth –

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