5 Clever Ways To Keep Your Dane Cool and Hydrated

Dane drinking

Summer time is in full swing and it’s hot out there! Despite the heat, we and our furry children enjoy getting outside during the long days of Summer. It is important to remember that, like you,  your Great Dane needs to stay hydrated when the heat is on.

The recommended daily amount of water for your Great Dane is about an  ounce per pound. If your Great Dane is tipping the scales at 200 lbs, that’s equal to 200 ounces (1.56 Gallons) of fresh water a day!

While we all know to keep our pet’s water dish full of cool, fresh water, there are more creative (and delicious) ways to help your Dane meet the recommended daily intake. Here are five fresh ways to keep your Great Dane hydrated this Summer:

Dog Friendly Ice Cream

We’re not talking about Baskin Robbins or Kilwins high-sugar, high-lactose ice cream. Your Great Dane does not need a lot of sugar in their diet and many dogs are lactose intolerant. We are talking about canine-approved ice cream which is typically made with low/no fat yogurt , little or no sugar and natural ingredients like peanut-butter, bananas, and strawberries.

There are many varieties available at pet stores and you may even find dog-safe options at your local grocery store or ice cream parlor. Just don’t get them confused with your human ice cream. While you will likely enjoy the taste of Fido’s ice cream, Fido does not need all the junk that goes into human varieties.

Frozen Fruits and Berries

From sliced bananas and apple wedges to frozen blueberries and strawberries, your Great Dane will love an occasional frozen fruit or berry treat! These are easy to prepare and store, and are generally healthier alternatives to store bought biscuits and bones.

Simply slice a few bananas, zip them in a ziplock freezer bag and put them in the freezer. In an hour or so, you will have a delightful and refreshing treat that is healthy for both you and your furry friend!

The same is true of apple wedges/slices, seedless watermelons, and a variety of berries like blueberries, strawberries, and huckleberries. Just be sure that you only serve fruits that are safe for your dog and always serve treats in moderation.

Peanut Butter Treats

What dog doesn’t love peanut butter? It’s packed with protein, healthy fats, niacin, vitamin B and vitamin E. Smear a small spoonful in your dog’s KONG chew toy, or put it in an ice cube tray -(you can even get fancy bone shaped trays) and put it in the freezer. It makes an irresistible treat for your buddy!

Always check your peanut butter to make sure it doesn’t contain any sugar substitutes, which can be deadly for dogs.

Frozen Watermelon Smoothies

Your Great Dane will love a frozen watermelon smoothie treat and they are easy to make! Just combine a quarter of a seedless watermelon with 1 can of coconut milk, blend until smooth, pour into treat molds or an ice cube tray, and freeze. They are not only delicious, but they are high in water content and electrolytes that your Dane needs.

Just Plain Ice

While plain ice cubes may not sound like a very special treat to us humans, most dogs love a good ice cube,  especially on a hot Summer day! Ice cubes provide plenty of hydration and give your Dane something to chew on at the same time.

You can also get creative with your ice cubes by adding a blueberry, or raspberry to the cube before freezing to add a little flavor for your furry friend.

Got any fresh ideas for treating your Dane to some favorful hydration? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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