Summer Safety For Your Great Dane

Dane on beach

The Summer months are often the time of year that we spend more time outdoors. Family vacations, beach days, and backyard barbeques are all part of what makes Summer fun. It is important to remember while enjoying all this outdoor activity with your pets that the Summer heat can be dangerous. Here are a few tips for keeping your pet safe when the heat is on:

1) Never Leave Your Pet In The Car – This should be a no brainer. On a warm day temperatures inside a vehicle can rise twenty to forty degrees in less than thirty minutes – that kind of heat can kill your pet. Even if you leave the car running and the AC on, you are still putting your pet at risk. If you can’t take them with you when you leave the car, don’t take them with you in the car.

2) Alway Provide Access To Fresh Water – Our pets overheat faster than we do, so it is vital that they always have access to fresh, clean water. Whether you are at home enjoying a backyard barbeque, or taking a Summer road trip, always have fresh water available for your pet. Keeping a gallon or two of fresh water and a bowl in your automobile is a great way to ensure your pet can stay hydrated on road trips and beach days.

3) Adjust Your Exercise Routine – Your pet undoubtedly enjoys their daily exercise, be it a game of fetch, a nice walk around the neighborhood, or a hike in the wild. During the Summer months, however, it may be a little too hot for overly vigorous activity. Consider changing walk times to the cooler early morning or evening hours, opting for a swim instead of fetch, and investing in a cooling vest for long walks or hikes.

4) Protect Their Feet – During the Summer months asphalt and cement can get searingly hot, and they tend to retain heat for hours. These hot surfaces can literally burn your dog’s foot pads. Avoid walking your pet on these surfaces or consider buying some booties to protect their feet.

5) Protect Them From Parasites – Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes thrive in the Summer months, so it is important that you protect your pet from these parasites and the diseases they carry. Use a reliable flea and tick preventative and maintain a regular heartworm treatment program.

6) Protect Them From The Sun – Overexposure to the sun can quickly dehydrate your pet. On very hot days it is best to keep them indoors as much as possible and save the outdoor activities for the cooler evening hours. When outdoors, always ensure they have plenty of fresh, clean water and shelter from the sun. Keep in mind that a shaded area with air flow is best; a dog house may trap heat and create a sauna-like atmosphere that is dangerously hot. If your pet has a white coat or pink nose, they are much more susceptible to sunburn and heat stroke.

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