Great Dane User’s Guide

Owning a Great Dane can be both challenging and fulfilling, it can be aggravating and hilarious, but it is most assuredly a rewarding experience. Still, before you dive in, it is important to understand a few key certainties of Great Dane ownership. Toward that end, here are seven pointers for the would be Great Dane owner.

Great Danes Are A Little Clumsy

Understand that Great Danes grow fast, and they begin life with feet that are waaaayy too large for their body. It’s a bit of a challenge for many Great Danes to get accustomed to their own size.

Especially when they are puppies, Great Danes are known to trip over their own giant feet, accidentally knock things over, and potentially do an unexpected sumersault when running toward their food dish.

You should also be aware that as they get older, things don’t improve a whole lot. They are sometimes too eager to please, or too happy to see you, and they might accidentally knock a prized heirloom off the table, or an unsuspecting child off their feet.

Great Danes Are Lap Dogs

lap dog

We know, their sheer size would seem to refute this theory, but the fact of the matter is: Great Danes Are Lap Dogs. If you don’t want a lap dog, don’t get a Great Dane.

You have been warned!

Great Danes Are Parental


There are documented stories of Great Danes adopting fawns, ducklings, and humans. Don’t be surprised if your Great Dane brings home a brood of chickens, or an orphaned child.

No one can really explain the parental nature of the Great Dane, but the currently most accepted theory is that they just love everything! Understand, this is not an overly scientific post; we’re just speaking from experience.

Great Danes Are Couch Potatoes

lazy dane

Great Danes are lazy. Not like “I’m gonna live with you the rest of my life” lazy … wait a minute, that part is true, but the upside of Great Dane laziness is that they do not require a ‘great’ deal of exercise. Great Danes, despite their size, are much more comfortable playing couch potato than playing ball.

This does not mean that they do not require exercise, but they do not require as much exercise as most breeds. A leisurely stroll is better for your Great Dane than a 5 mile run – that is if you can coax them off the couch in the first place.

Great Danes Are Incredibly Sweet

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Despite their immense size, a Great Dane is likely the sweetest dog you will ever know. They always aim to please and at times appear apologetic even when they have done nothing wrong. As a Great Dane parent, you will undoubtedly feel guilt, even if you have done nothing wrong.

Great Danes Have A Whole-Lotta-Lips


We know this may seem like an odd note with regard to this regal breed, but the truth of the matter is that Great Danes have more lips than most. Do not be alarmed if it appears as if your Great Dane is melting before your eyes.

Great Danes Are Professional Counter Surfers

counter surfer

Great Danes are so tall that they can oftentimes see what is on the counter while standing on all fours. Do not be surprised if you find your Great Dane drinking out of the sink, eating off the table, or stealing treats off the top of the refrigerator.

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