Teaching Your Great Dane To Sit


Great Dane Training

Teaching your Great Dane to sit is likely one of the easiest commands you will ever teach them. It is also one of the easiest commands for your Dane to master. Starting out with an easy command like ‘sit’ helps your Dane to gain confidence and gets your training sessions off to a positive start.

To teach your Dane to sit hold a treat in front of his/her nose and then slowly lift the treat until his/her head begins to follow your hand. The lifting of the head will naturally cause your Dane’s rump to lower towards the ground. Once he/she is in a sitting position, say ‘sit’ and reward them with praise and the treat.

As with any lesson, repetition is the key to success. Train on the ‘sit’ command several times a day. Use it to get them to sit prior to receiving their food, when meeting guests, etc. Once your Great Dane has mastered this command, it will be much easier to teach more advanced lessons.

Be aware that it is always best to end training sessions on a positive note, so if when moving on to more advanced commands your Dane has trouble catching on, always end the session with a command they have mastered. Sit is a good place to start.


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