Another Stellar Review!

Great Dane Breeder Review

Thank you, Catherine Coffman for the awesome review!

“If you’re looking for a GREAT Great Dane, then I would definitely recommended these breeders. They provided so much information about each dane and also learned a lot more about Danes from the breeders. Phil and Karen were beyond and above with everything! Definitely people you can trust with wanting a Great Dane. I was very pleased with all the background information they had for the parents of my puppy “Ash”. I’m so pleased to have my puppy who is a European Merle Great Dane. He’s very sweet, gentle, and extremely intelligent for just a 4 month old! The day that I got Ash, they provided a bag full of information for the puppy. Vet information of shots etc… was very nice to have and provide for my own vet. Before leaving their property with my puppy, they gave me a good easy list of things to do and not to do. THAT WAS EXTREMELY HELPFUL! I’m very lucky finding these breeders online. They are totally awesome and all their Danes that they breed are very beautiful and majestic. The purest Danes I’ve ever seen in person. So again I HIGHLY recommend these breeders and their Great Danes!” – Catherine Coffman | April 6, 2018

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